Write a paragraph about your neighborhood

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write a paragraph about your neighborhood

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Take 30 index cards (depending on how many students in the class and write one noun on each card. The more interesting and unusual, the better. Some examples might be: dinosaur, baobab tree, castle, centipede, monster. Next, write one adjective on 40 or more index cards. Choose adjectives that are interesting and visual, such as purple, tremendous, spotted, fanged, and striped. Have individual students choose one noun card and at least one adjective card from the boxes. Explain to students that they are to put the adjectives and nouns together and make a drawing (or a collage) of what they describe.

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Children can take turns being the stress teacher and being the student with the incredible excuse. Have the teacher read the excuse aloud, encouraging him or her to read with expression to emphasize the incredible parts of the note. You may want to have children expand the role-playing by having the teacher ask the student some follow-up questions about the note. Teaching options Invite the principal to visit the class and listen to the children read their excuses aloud. Have an Incredible Excuse contest. Submit the excuses that the children write to a panel of teachers who will determine which excuse is the most incredible. Or, simply have the class listen to all the excuses and vote for the most incredible one. You may want to have several categories, such as funniest excuse, most unusual, most believable, ramsay etc. Language Arts/Art Activity This activity gives students the opportunity to review nouns and adjectives while creating imaginative works of art. What you need 2 boxes Index cards Art materials What to do set up two boxes, one labeled nouns and the other adjectives.

Explain that some excuses can be quite incredible. If you remember an especially incredible or unusual excuse, share it with the class. Tell children that they are going to pretend to be parents who need to write a note explaining why their child doesnt have life a homework assignment, or is late to school. Remind them that no ordinary excuses will be accepted. They need to come up with the most incredible excuse they can think. Children can work in groups or with a partner to brainstorm different ideas for excuses. When children are ready, have them write their excuses in the form of a brief note addressed to you. When they are finished, have them place their notes inside envelopes. Then have children role-play bringing in the note from home and giving it to the teacher.

write a paragraph about your neighborhood

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Each time the mascot returns to school, set aside some special time for the child to tell or read the tale to the rest of the class. Teaching options After everyone has written a tale, print each one on a construction paper panel, fastening the individual panels together to form a story quilt. Children could also make panels to illustrate their mascots adventures. Make a story caterpillar with each adventure printed on round body sections. Create a story scroll the adventures are all written on a 9- essay or 12-inch roll of paper. As the adventures add up, the scroll gets longer and longer. Incredible Excuses Creative writing /Drama Activity In this activity, children will use their imaginations, personal experiences, and a sense of humor to write some creative excuses. What you need Envelopes What to do Ask children if they know what eksempel an excuse. Discuss various excuses you may have heard from former students who were late to school or missing homework.

In the notebook, they are to write their own tale about an adventure the mascot had or something it did. The tale could be about a trip to the dentist or an amusement park. How about a ride on a giant bird? Encourage them to let their imaginations fly. Also, suggest to children that they refer to the information written in class for ideas or details to use in their tales. Show children the backpack and explain what is inside (in addition to the mascot and notebook information they wrote in class about the mascot A note to parents explaining what to do a list of items that should be returned to school. You might want to keep a list of the dates children take the mascot home and when the mascot should be returned.

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write a paragraph about your neighborhood

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When students have finished their tales, have them place the tales in the bottles and set the bottles afloat in the water table (or whatever container of water you have available). Then have students fish the bottles (not their own) out of the water, and read aloud the tales within. After reading each tale, they can rescue the author by using maps and story details to find approximately where he or she is stranded. Teaching options If your class is studying a certain area of the world in social studies, you may want to have them write about being stranded on desert islands off the coasts of countries within that region. You may want to arrange with a teacher of another class to have your tales sent there. Then the students in that class can try to locate the writer of each tale.

Your class could do the same with tales from the students in the other class. Class Mascot Language Arts Activity Children will create their own tales to tell using a class mascot for inspiration. What you need A class mascot A backpack a notebook of ruled paper What to do Choose a particular stuffed animal or toy as a class mascot and have children decide upon a name for their new friend. Then brainstorm with children some background information about the mascot. Some ideas might be: Where and when it was born All about its family What its personality is like how it got its distinctive features Its best friends What it likes to do Where it has already traveled Each child will then write a paragraph. Next, explain to children that they will take turns bringing home substitute the mascot and notebook.

After the interviews have been rehearsed, the class could present the show to their parents or another class in the school. Teaching options Gather all the incredible facts researched and use them to create a program guide for the show. A message in a bottle social Studies/Language Arts Activity In this activity, students will create an imaginary tale of travel and adventure. What you need Maps of the world, atlases Plastic bottles with caps (one for each child writing a tale) A water table, fish tank, or large basin (optional) What to do tell children that they are going to write a tale about an imaginary adventure. Explain that the only chance for rescue is to write a message, put it in a bottle, and put the bottle in the water, with the hope that someone will find.

Brainstorm with children the kind of information they should include in their tales. For example, they might want to explain who they are, where they were going when they got stranded, where they left from, and how they were traveling. They should also include information about where they are, such as the climate, what the island is like, what plants and animals they have seen, and how they are surviving. Record their suggestions on the board or chart paper. When children are ready to begin writing, make maps and/or atlases available to them. They can refer to the maps if they need help planning their trips or spelling the names of places they might want to include in their tales.

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The largest pizza ever baked was 122 feet, 8 inches around. Explain to children that they will be searching for incredible facts or words records. Use The guinness book of Records and Childrens magazines that contain amazing facts. Verify and approve the chosen records or facts and then have children create their own Thats Incredible Show. Have each child decide whether they want to be an interviewer or a guest on the show. Explain that a guest is the person who was somehow involved in an incredible record or fact. The interviewer is the one who will ask the guest a few questions, such as how they broke the record and why. Note that the guest will know what questions the interviewer will ask in advance. Encourage children to make simple props and costumes to add to the fun.

write a paragraph about your neighborhood

Pin a string from the place on the map to the picture. Give your map a title. Social Studies/Drama Activity, children papers will research world records and then portray the people who broke them in a class interview show. The guinness book of Records, childrens magazines that contain amazing facts What to do discuss with children what a world record is and the kinds of records that people try to break. If necessary, write a few on the board: The most home runs hit in a baseball players career is 755 by hank aaron. The heaviest lollipop ever made weighed 2,220.5 pounds. The largest number of jumps using a pogo stick is 177,737.

parents, and/or another class in your school. Plan a vacation, cultures, geography, reading, in this activity students map the route and highlights of a trip. Students trace routes on a map, identify and locate tourist attractions, and explore different countries. Maps, magazines, scissors, markers, glue, push pins, string. What to do, list places in your state you would like to visit. Locate each place on the state map. Trace a line along the roads that go to each place. Find or draw pictures of the places you want to visit. Add a brief description of what you will do there.

Make your Lesson Incredible, friendly poetry, language Arts Activity. In this activity children will compile a list of the writers things they look for in a friend and use that information to create a simple poem. Using a familiar topic may make poetry a little less daunting for some children. What you need, pencils and paper, crayons, markers, or colored pencils. What to do, on the chalkboard, brainstorm with children a list of characteristics that make a good friend. Then explain that these characteristics will be used to create a free-form class poem. You may want to write the following sample poem on the board to get the class started: good Friends, a good friend, plays with you, laughs with you, shares with you, talks with you, listens to you, and never, never, never, tells your secrets. Have children create their free-form class poem using some of the characteristics from the brainstorming list. Encourage children to illustrate their poems.

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Register for Fall, get the perfect schedule for Fall 2018. Register Now, classes on your schedule, get your perfect schedule for Fall 2018 and find the classes you need. American ) neighbor (neibə) noun a person who lives near oneself. A district or area, especially in a town or city. A district or area surrounding a particular place. He lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of the station. France and Belgium are neighbouring countries. A very neighbourly person.!doctype summary html public "-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Transitional/EN"!doctype html public "-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Transitional/EN".

write a paragraph about your neighborhood
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Sardar, patel was one of Mohandas Gandhi s closest associates, and he organized and led several satyagrahas during India s struggle for freedom from British rule. After all we are talking about a doctorate and not some school essay.

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  2. An earlier historical example? ( even before topic of paragraph 1, topic of paragraph 2 ) Think about your paragraph topics and brainstorm until you find the most relevant links between them.

  3. Then shell write another background paragraph in which she shows how the conflict over slavery developed over time. Discuss one aspect of the city in each paragraph. How to, write a, descriptive paragraph. Combine your sentences into a paragraph on each broad topic.

  4. One element that is included in this paragraph that poses difficulty for writers is the thesis statement. To understand how to write an essay introduction paragraph you need to know. Why dont five- paragraph themes work well for college writing?

  5. ( modifier ) of or for a neighbourhood : a neighbourhood community worker. Looking at neighbourhood and local statistics, pupils compare the level of risk compared to regional of national figures in terms of crime and other risks. Each child will then write a paragraph or two, embellishing upon one of the ideas discussed (or any other idea). Last Monday evening, i attended the monthly meeting of the local.

  6. Commonly, the introduction consists of one introductory paragraph. This paragraph should be brief; no more than two or three sentences. The second paragraph should state your qualifications for the position. Vicinity, confines, proximity, precincts, environs, purlieus the loss of woodlands in the neighbourhood of large towns.

  7. How to write an introduction paragraph? What to write for a good introductory paragraph? Writing an intro with WhiteSmoke s online tool is easy and free.

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