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reviews on krampus

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Krampus stays well within the relatively bloodless confines of pg-13 horror, but its precisely the opposite of family-friendly. The faux-reassuring final scenes may have you misting up as readily as a christmas Carol or even Home Alone, but lets just say youd better watch out. Film review: Krampus, reviewed at Arclight Cinemas, hollywood, dec. Running time: 98 min. Production : a universal release presented with Legendary pictures, of a legendary pictures/Zam Pictures production. Produced by Thomas Tull, jon Jashni, alex Garcia, michael dougherty. Executive producers, daniel. Crew : Directed by michael dougherty.

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But panic doesnt really start to set in until Tom and Howard are mysteriously attacked outdoors by some freakish monstrosity that travels underground, bugs Bunny-style, and tries to pull them under — at which point it becomes clear that something has gone very, very wrong indeed. Cue the requisite ironic rendition of Silent Night on the soundtrack, as Max and his family huddle together in the living room with the fire blazing merrily away, listening to weird crashes, scampering noises and impish laughter on the roof, and waiting for their predator. It falls to maxs wise old grandmother, Omi (Austrian-born actress Krista Stadler, stealing every scene to explain that these terrible happenings are the work of Krampus, a mythic, malevolent creature who comes not to reward the nice but to curse, punish and torture the naughty. Omi recalls her own childhood encounter with Krampus in a lovely, eerie animated sequence that roots the films mythology in a history of pre-Christian, german-speaking Alpine folklore. Its unlikely that the ancestors who passed down those stories ever dreamed that Krampus minions would one day take the form of miniature gingerbread men running amok with a nail gun, or a hideous clown doll (shades of It, or perhaps joe dantes The hole). Theres nothing particularly interesting about the way dougherty (who wrote the script with Todd Casey and Zach Shields) orchestrates the movies increasingly freakish and frenzied attacks in enclosed spaces, and his visual approach in these moments — shoving the camera in the actors faces while they. But shooting with. Jules oloughlin on a palette of gray, snow-choked exteriors and dim, firelit interiors, he conjures a palpable mood of abandonment and isolation, and of unseen terrors lying in wait, forcing family members who could barely stand each other minutes ago to become unexpected allies. (The class condescension melts away in due course, too: Those guns sure do come in handy.). By the time the dread Krampus finally rears his horned, red-cloaked head, its clear dougherty is treating his material with the utmost seriousness, sans winking or campiness, and with an atmosphere of grim relentlessness that seeps in like a winter chill.


Sensitive preteen Max (Emjay anthony, chef) is in for one lousy Christmas, from the the moment his aunt Linda (Allison Tolman) and oafish uncle howard (david koechner) turn up on his doorstep with their tubby young hellspawn in tow (played by maverick Flack, queenie samuel and. Even worse, theyve brought along their miserable old aunt Dorothy (Conchata ferrell, Two and a half Men who immediately starts complaining about the food and decor, to the chagrin of Maxs already stressed-out parents, tom (. Adam Scott ) and Sarah toni collette ). Theres some easy comic stereotyping going on here: Max and his family are a classy, educated, well-to-do and sympathetic bunch, while their obnoxious relatives are crass, slovenly, violent, and in love with football and guns. It doesnt take long for tensions to flare on all sides and send Max running to his room, where, convinced that Christmas is ruined, he proceeds to rip up and throw away his handwritten letter to santa. More reviews, big mistake. A freak blizzard immediately sets in over the neighborhood, cutting off heat, electricity and phone/Internet access. Vaguely menacing-looking snowmen pop up in the yard, a delivery man turns up with some mysterious packages, and when Maxs older sister, beth (Stefania lavie owen decides to head over to visit her boyfriend, she never returns.

reviews on krampus

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He sees you when youre sleeping. He knows when youre awake. Hes got horns, hooves and an army of sinister elves, and his name sounds like a bad case of abdominal bloat. Krampus, the evil, twisted shadow of Santa Claus, and he has plenty of pain and destruction to rain down on one unlucky family thats lost the Christmas spirit in this divertingly spooky lump of cinematic coal. Michael dougherty with the same eye for lovingly detailed genre re-creation that shaped his 2009 indie-horror anthology, trick r Treat (with 1984s Gremlins as the obvious touchstone here krampus isnt especially scary, but it generates goodwill nonetheless for treating its home-invasion-for-the-holidays setup with an appreciably straight face. While yuletide horror movies havent set the box office on fire in recent years (Black Christmas, anyone? 4 release should enable word-of-mouth interest to build a steady winter following en route to home-format haunts.

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reviews on krampus

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Its a wonderful Life, gremlins, die hard, bad Santa — combine cynicism and sentiment. Krampus delivers this mix perfectly from its stunning opening, slo-mo consumerist riots at the mall accompanied by bing Crosbys Its Beginning to look a lot like christmas, before turning into a siege-type horror that effectively melds the set-ups. Christmas Vacation and, the mist. Like scrooge, the clan learn lessons about the meaning of Christmas while tormented by the supernatural. After deft thumbnail sketches of the young heros fairly awful folks — played just pdf on the right side of caricature by Adam Scott (overworked Dad toni collette (wound too-tight Mom david koechner (overbearing uncle allison Tolman (crass aunt) and Conchata ferrell (drunken boorish great-aunt) —. The german granny (Krista Stadler) who knows what to expect keeps the fire going to prevent the hoofed and horned Krampus from coming down the chimney, while the house is attacked by creatures out of Clive barkers Advent calendar: lurking snowmen, a feral Christmas tree.

It feels a little like charles Bands vhs-era little-creature horror comics (. Ghoulies, troll, puppet Master ) redone with state-of-the-art effects, as writer-director Michael dougherty (of Halloween favourite. Trick r Treat ) balances gruesome chuckles with genuine creepiness, seductively inventive cinema (including an animated fable que backstory) and a welcome touch of warmth. Though set up as stereotypes, the characters change when the horrors start. Like scrooge, the clan learn lessons about the meaning of Christmas while tormented by the supernatural, and against the odds dougherty shows awful but understandable people getting past resentments and irritations to band together (however ineffectually) against Krampus and his cronies. A well-above-average ho-ho-ho-horror film with a shivery sense of winter weirdland and anarchic ultra-violence, its also a strong candidate to become a holiday favourite thanks to a perfectly judged punchline.

The story also meanders quite a bit, especially in the first half, before finally settling down to the business at hand—this is the kind of story that might have been more effective as a lean and mean hour-long "Tales from the Crypt" episode than. Advertisement, despite the occasional rough patches, there are still some things about "Krampus" that I did like quite a bit. Although the humor is not always successful, i liked the fact that dougherty played the material in a relatively straight manner and resisted the urge to go for a more campy approach throughout. Along those same lines, i admired how actors like scott, collette and even koechner went about their roles with as much seriousness as one could possibly muster while rassling toothy clown dolls and armed and dangerous gingerbread men. The flashback in which the grandmother (Krista Stadler is excellent throughout) recounts her childhood memories of Krampus is conveyed via an animated interlude that is beautiful and haunting in equal measure.

Although dougherty's decision to shoot most of the attacks in quick closeups don't always allow viewers to get good looks at the various monsters on display, the glimpses that we do get are mighty impressive. Finally, without giving anything away, i will note that the film manages to wrap things up on a note that is almost ridiculously perfect. In the grand scheme of holiday-related films of note, "Krampus" is neither as creepy as "love the coopers" nor as sadistic as "Home Alone" and it feels as if it is maybe one or two rewrites away from being the alternative classic that it clearly. It still has its charms—certainly more than one might expect based on Universal's decision to release it without any advance press screenings—and just enough things going for it to warrant a mild recommendation. Besides, do you think i want to get on the bad side of Krampus by panning his movie? I may be naughty but i am not stupid. All the way back to dickens, the best Christmas stories —.

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Finally, beth ventures out in order to visit her boyfriend, and when Tom and Howard go out to look for her, they are attacked by some creature burrowing under the snow. After they return home and endure a couple of additional attacks, tom's elderly mother (Krista Stadler) explains the legend of Krampus and her own personal encounter with him when she was but a child. From there on, the once-fractured family is forced to come together in order to fend off an extended siege from such nasty creatures as loyalty demonic dolls, hellacious harlequins and evil elves, all of which are mere opening acts to an appearance from the big bad. "Krampus" was co-written and directed. Michael dougherty, whose previous effort was another holiday-based horror film, the cult favorite "Trick 'r Treat." In the same way that earlier film paid homage to such classics as ". Tales from the Crypt " and creepshow " with its anthology format, this film constantly bows at the altar of ". Gremlins the, joe dante classic that managed to find the perfect blend of creepiness, subversive humor and genuinely earned sentiment, to make it a seasonal favorite for viewers who prefer their Christmas entertainment to have a little more bite. "Krampus" tries to work along those same lines but never quite manages to hit the same heights. Although there are some amusing lab moments here and there and a couple of nicely effective scary bits, it is never quite as darkly funny nor as frightening as it would like to be—this is no doubt in part of the bizarre decision to release.

reviews on krampus

Now he takes front and center in the submit new horror-comedy hybrid "Krampus" to show both another family and the multiplex crowds what can happen if they should dare to lose faith in the holiday spirit. Advertisement, as the film opens, a nice and normal family—harried parents Tom (. Adam Scott ) and Sarah toni collette mildly cynical teen daughter Beth (. Stefania lavie owen ) and Max emjay anthony a pre-teen boy who still believes wholeheartedly in the season—are bracing themselves for the arrival of Sarah's sister, linda (Alison Tolman) and her family, a grotesque bunch of loud and abrasive gun nuts and Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Conchata ferrell ) and several nasty cousins who pick on Max for still believing in Santa. When they steal his letter to santa and read it aloud, a humiliated Max is convinced that the holiday is ruined and rips the note to shreds and tosses it outside into the wind. Almost instantly, a freak blizzard crops up that cuts off the heat, electricity and phone and seems to leave the group completely isolated. To make matters creepier, some strange-looking snowmen mysteriously appear in the backyard.

may keep things just this side of jolly, but theres a reassuring nastiness to the. Predator -faced clown-toys and bitey-burny gingerbread men that are soon going bump-bang-smash in the night. Ghoulish effects up the scary/silly ante, but the real monsters here are the humans who cant stand the sight of each other and think Christmas is a time for giving. Trick r Treat director Michael doughertys film may prove too tonally uneven for the mainstream palate (not all the jokes work and you have to make a leap of faith over several structural cracks those who fancy a bit of hellfire on their Christmas pudding. As those of you who have either an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure holiday traditions or easy access to wikipedia know, Krampus is a figure from European folklore with origins stretching back to the days before Christianity who is essentially the evil twin of jolly saint. It would appear that Krampus has now aligned himself with a force even darker and more malevolent than himself—a hollywood agent—because this year has seen him as a part of not one but two major films. In the anthology horror film "A Christmas Horror Story he went after an especially unpleasant family one grim Christmas eve and even did battle with Santa Claus himself.

Krampus, view All Audience reviews, krampus,"s. Alongside this years more expected array of festive fare hides this admirably batty horror that sees Adam Scott and an overqualified Toni collette as parents of a family battling evil forces over Christmas. Krampus, a sort of anti-santa devil-goat arrives when seasonal spirit is at a low to punish those who just arent feeling it, with the statement help of some gruesome friends. Thankfully, given the b-movie premise, its knowingly pitched, aiming to recapture the spirit. Gremlins as a film that kids might sneakily watch and then regret it when trying to sleep later (a particularly nightmarish child-eating clown should prove problematic in this instance). Its nowhere near as good as many of the films it so wants to be positioned next to, but its nasty enough to leave an impression. This antidote to some of the weeks more nauseating treats pitches itself between the anarchic festive bite of joe dantes. Gremlins and the creepy euro-weirdness of Jalmari helanders. Rare Exports, with a touch of Tobe hoopers.

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Tomatometer, audience score, average rating:.2/5, user Ratings: 26,377. Critic Consensus: Krampus is gory good fun for fans of non-traditional holiday horror with a fondness for joe dante's b- movie classics, even if it doesn't have quite the savage bite its concept calls for. Krampus, videos, krampus, photos, movie info, when his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers. All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family's home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive. Cast, news interviews for, krampus 10 Stars Who will Own the summer 2018 movie season. On dvd this week: Ride Along 2, lab krampus, son of saul, and More, now Streaming: The big Lebowski, ferris buellers day off,. T., and More, critic reviews for. Krampus, view All Critic reviews (104 audience reviews for.

reviews on krampus
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It s not exactly Gremlins quality, but this seasonal frightener does have a good dash of that film s anarchic spirit. This bump-in-the-night-before Christmas horror is a much-needed ant idote to the seasonal glut of cinematic sentimentality.

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  1. Ser iously, if you re reading this review- do yourselavor and just. Krampus (2015) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more. Christmas horror comedy is dark but has genuine good cheer. Read Common Sense medi a s Krampus review, age rating, and parents guide.

  2. Read the Empire review of Krampus. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world s biggest movie destination. Krampus: The Christmas devil (2013) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more.

  3. Do you think i want to get on the bad side of Krampus by panning hi s movie? I may be naughty but i am not stupid. Krampus movie reviews metacritic score: When his dysfunctional family clashe s over the holidays, young Max (Emjay anthony) is disillusioned and turns his. Critics Consens us: Krampus is gory good fun for fans of non-traditional holiday horror with.

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