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report writing on hostel

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Boarders will dust their room and cupboards daily. Keeping eatables in the rooms is unhygienic and is prohibited. The floor committee must make sure that any boarders who litters the room or spills any thing cleans up the mess himself. Boarders must spend the minimum time required in bathrooms and toilets to give other a chance to use them. They must ensure that the bathrooms and toilets after use are clean. They must also make sure that they close all the taps. Visitors and Visiting hours Schedule An identity card will be issued to each hostel student and his guardian / parents.

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They may meet their wards in the enclosed parlor set aside for hosteller in the school reception area. Schedules, room Schedule a floor committee of the boarders floor captain vice captain from each floor will feel be responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and discipline on each floor. The floor committee will ensure that fans and lights have been switched off. Boarders are provided with a bed, a cupboard, a table and a chair. Each boarder must maintain utmost cleanliness to make sure that the floor under his/her bed and cupboard is clean. Waste paper and refuse must be thrown in the dustbins provided on each floor and not litter on the floor. Boarders will make their own beds neatly every morning nothing should be left on the bed or under the bed. Cupboards must be arranged neatly. Surprise check will be made by hostel one wardens, any extra items other than those specified in the hostel kit will be confiscated. Shoes should be arranged neatly in the shoe rack provided. The number of shoes is limited to two pairs.

Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission of the Principal. They will essay not be called to answer phone calls during class hours. A student who fails twice in three years will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the School. Parents are requested not to visit their wards in the classrooms without the permission of the Principal. You are encouraged to communicate with the teachers through Almanac on a regular basis to monitor the performance of your ward. Request for meeting teachers on school days other than on ptm days, will not normally be entertained. If necessary, prior approval of the Principal must be obtained. Entry into the hostel by the parents is prohibited.

report writing on hostel

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Shouting, loud talking or whistling is not allowed in the school. Care must be taken of the school property and no student should scratch or spoil the desks or charts or damage any furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or damage things belonging to others. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the Principal. Any damage done will have to be made good by the parents of the student(s) concerned. The essay School reserves the right to suspend/ expel students short whose conduct is harmful to other students or to the School. Students are not permitted to buy eatables from vendor outside the School premises. Each students should have 2 identity cards with his/her photograph. One has to be worn by the child daily and the other to be kept with the parents. Those who are coming to pick up the student from the school/bus stop must always bring the School Identity card for identification.

Nails to be trimmed at least once a week. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to the School. Girls can wear very small studs or earnings in gold or silver. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones/ I-pods/cameras etc. Into the School Campus. These gadgets, if found in possession of the students within the School Campus, will be confiscated. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on the blazer and all other belongings of the student. Changing classroom between periods, where necessary should be done silently and in an orderly manner.

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report writing on hostel

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The reports of the hostellers of their school examination will be failed sent to their parent through the hostel warden at their respective address provided at the time of admission in the hostel. No hosteller is allowed to invite day scholar pdf colleagues to the hostel premises for their personal interaction or any other reasons. Boarders shall take their meals in the common dinning hall and should be properly dressed at the meal times. Mess utensils are not allowed to be taken out of the dinning hall. Only vegetarian meals will be served.

It is compulsory for all the hostel boys to have a proper haircut( very short). School rules, every student should carry the Almanac to the School daily. Students who come to the school on their own should arrive at the school five minutes before the bell rings. Student should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The School uniform must be worn on all working days. Girls should not apply nail polish or mehndi during School session.

Expensive parties to celebrate birthdays are not allowed. The School will arrange for a cake, sweets and snacks for a small party within a reasonable amount. The hostel Warden will undertake the arrangement for this. However, the amount to be spent for the party will be billed to the parents. The student should not carry any kind of tuck from home extra eatables, pickles, chutney and digestive tablets are not permissible. Items like gutka or even empty packets of these found in possession of students will qualify for serious disciplinary action.

Students can avail of the facilities of Tuck-shop, tailor, barber, cobbler, in the boarding house on writing slip with the signature of the warden. Glue or items for repairs of shoes are neither permissible nor required. Parents are requested to get the students name stitched on every item of clothing. Parents are required to pay on demand bills or charges for items or services incurred to their wards, over and above the scheduled annual fixed charges. Appointment with Dentists/Doctors or others should, as far as possible, be avoided during School hours. Such requests for early leave will not normally be entertained. Any inquiries regarding their wards by parents must be made only to the house In-charge or Warden Contacting any other hostel staff is prohibited. Attendance / Night roll call will be taken by the respective wardens at 9:30.

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Hostel students will be allowed biography to go home during the long breaks. The local guardians/parents will collect the child from the School Hostel and make arrangement for his/her travel. All boarders will return to the hostel a day before the school (by. A fine. 500 will be imposed for the late arrival. Furthermore, the school reserves the right to terminate the hostel admission of any student not reporting back in time. Remedial classes will be taken for the students those who need special attention and it is compulsory for those identified for this to attend these classes. Any hostel student falling sick will report to the Clinic through the hostel Warden immediately. Any willful damage to or theft of school property or others property will be regarded as writing a breach of School/Hostel rules and the student would be fined by School Authorities.

report writing on hostel

used in the rooms. Mobile Phones are not permitted in the school and Hostel premises. Please do not send any cash/valuable articles through your ward(s) without the knowledge of Hostel Warden. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any property of the student. Electric kettles, heaters, irons or any other such appliances should not be used in the rooms. Students are expected to scan the notice boards and follow instructions given to them. All notice will be put on the hostel Notice board. Announcements, if any, will be made during dinner time.

There are shared bathrooms provided with bath sheets and hairdryers. Nearest underground station is Oktogon Square, which is only 650 meters away. Avenue hostel boasts a safe deposit box, parking, an elevator and a baggage storage for guests' needs providing laundry, dry cleaning and 24-hour reception. Check-in: from 14:00 hours, check-out: until 11:00 hours, children and extra beds. There are no extra beds provided in a room. Hostel - rules and Regulations India international School, Asansol. Skip to main content, facilities write hostel general rules, hostel students will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school, unless exempted on medical grounds on the recommendation of the hostel Warden/ Medical Officer. They are not allowed to stay in the rooms during school hours/games/activity/study time.

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Szczególnie oryginalną alternatywą tradycyjnych kominków, które aranżuje się w domach, są wolnostojące piece. Możemy zdecydować się na piec wolnostojący koza wtedy, gdy potrzebujemy ogrzać pomieszczenie, jak i thesis cały dom oraz. Avenue hostel is situated in Terézváros district of Budapest, close to a basilica, a synagogue and a castle. Fisherman's Bastion, heroes' Square and National Dance Theatre are very close. Guests can share a meal in Bohemia bistro and Arriba taqueria, located about 150 meters away. Rooms like studio, 6-bed mixed Dorm, 8-bed mixed Dorm and 8-bed female dorm include access to a shared kitchen. The provision of a sitting area, a dining area, a writing desk, climate control and a separate toilet in the rooms makes avenue hostel comfortable for every guest.

report writing on hostel
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  7. Write about your, hostel complaint main Page login Signup Register now for free! Any hostel student falling sick will report to the Clinic through the, hostel. House on writing slip with the signature of the warden.

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