Dolphin paperweight

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dolphin paperweight

Hand Blown Glass, dolphin

Totally Awesome moments of last night:. Justin sleeping on the floor for three hours totally drunken then waking up to sing willy wonka songs. A random girl walking into the room and saying: "has anyone seen a norwegian punk named Franc?" no, but totally awesome moment. When I found out that Katy Shay is totally gay. Current mood: i'm at work ( 3 comments comment on this ) 3:43am this is not really Angie's livejournal yet. Maybe soon, i made up the interests.

Wave, paperweight 114 Design Glass pottery Art

Nelson (Coach diane sawyer (Good Morning America) Kirstie alley cheers look who's Talking movies michael Jordan, nba basketball player Johnny depp (Pirates of the caribbean) Oprah Winfrey bob Saget America's Funniest Home videos, full house * Julia louis-Dreyfus seinfeld ben Stiller (The royal Tenenbaums) Matthew. Why do i already regret this post. Good night live journal i love you too. Xoxo, angie ( comment on this ) 8:52am - hung over again well, for those of you who don't know i am employed by the ann arbor people's food co-op. As a pseudo-middle management figure i am in charge of training people (ex. Well, i have been forced to face my raging alcoholism due to the realization i have been putting off training him for the past month and a half due to hang over. Each and every single friday i waltz into the co-op full of plans for efficient yet fun training tasks for the next day and sure as shit the next day i just force ryan to take a lot of smoke breaks with. Such is my foray into management and training. Kot i will beat you in any fight any time mothafucka current mood: drunk ( 3 comments comment on this ) 12:07pm - really angie dear livejournal, i have avoided the siren call of the cult-like following of livejournal (case in point: last night a bunch of people. In a roundabout way that is why i have avoided livejournal for so long, i feared the obsession taking over my life as it essay has taken the lives of so many before.

Good lie work angie, let the fun train keep rolling. ( 2 comments comment on this ) 11:48PM which defender of the babies are you? (quiz created by annie ) /p current mood: tired ( 2 comments comment on this ) 1:15pm well, today at work i had to do a personality test. (katy shay may have mentioned) good news, i am an enfj (extroverted intuitive feeling judging) but two things struck me about this on-line test my boss made me do:. The man analyzing me was named joe butt. What does it say about my personality that I giggled for.27 min. Ml (read bill the wise words. How legitimate is a test that concludes with telling you about famous people who are like you? Here are the highlights of my famous personality-a-likes people who cause me embarrassment david, king of Israel Abraham Lincoln sean Connery gene hackman (Superman, Antz) Craig.

dolphin paperweight

Paperweight, retired 114 Design Glass pottery Art

Michigan:.45 Current mood: full ( 2 comments comment outsiders on this ) 7:26PM well, drinking wine as fast as possible, sneaking out to smoke, eating three different kinds of liver bill and cheesecake that is the consistancy of puke plus being reminded of my failure of a life has. Back to the sneaking out to smoke. I keep claiming that i am talking to my friend Katy on the phone. Well, my step mom finally asked why katy was calling so much and I responded she was really sad and depressed. She then of course asked why. My wine soaked brain couldn't think of anything good, so in a panic I responded "e's." "YES" she prompted in her haunting wicked-witch voice. "e's jewish." for the record i was talking about katy shay who at this moment is in k-zoo getting another glass turtle for christmas. Yes, christmas she believes in jesus and the son of god.

I have also consumed my body mass in sweet tea. Some background: i am in charleston for a funeral and every person who ever knew my family at all brought a ham dish. All this in the past day. I was actually on door answering duty all day and I had to schmooze little pink and purple haired women and their beaten down pink seersucker clad husbands (usually named roland, benedict or skip) and thank them for their endless mountains of ham. Usually because nobody else was around or the were busy with other things i also had to sample and compliment the ham dishes as well. Now I must go because i can hear my family talking about hymns and they are about to sing "onward christian soldier" around the family organ, they think this is a good idea, i disagree. Southern cigarettes:.70.

Crystal, dolphin 114 Design Glass pottery Art

dolphin paperweight

Paperweight 114 Design Glass pottery Art

We refer such cases to the judicial board. Christ" translation: a girl from my school raped another girl from my school. Current mood: cynical ( 4 comments comment on this ) 8:00PM so, i am planning a sweet shrine in my new room. Tupac biggie, nina simone, janice joplin, lisa left eye, aaliyah so i was searching some images (google if you must know) i was searching lisa left eye lopez and I found this: literally the largest picture ever. My friend brent made a good point, "why is he on there?

Is his name lisa" ( 1 comment comment on this ) 8:38am i am at i decided to google image search a few of my friends and post their pictures: Katy Shay: Erin Anderson: ryan Fitzgibbon: Gina: Annie: Current mood: bored ( 3 comments comment on this ) 6:43pm for those. For the past 24 hours I have been eating non-stop. What have i been eating you might ask, well. About ten different varieties and permutations of ham. Ham, ham salad, deviled ham, ham and egg dishes, some type of jellied ham, fried ham etc. Actually for dinner tonight we stopped our ham marathon for 40 pieces of fried chicken, 7 pounds each of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw and potato persuasive salad plus blueberry, pumpkin, apple and cherry pie. All this food plus previously unmentioned rolls and cranberry sauce fed 6.

I paid not in us dollars but Tenge. For those who don't know that is the currency of kazakhstand. All's well that ends well. ( 1 comment comment on this ) 4:14pm i received the following e-mail from the president of my college. It is horrifically haunting.

"to all Students: a very painful incident involving Smith students took place over January term. On January 15, a smith student reported to northampton police that she had been sexually assaulted at an off-campus apartment. Two individuals, both known to the student, have been charged with serious offenses, including aggravated rape and assault and battery. One of the alleged assailants was a smith student. She is no longer enrolled at the college. The district Attorney is now handling the criminal case, and the courts will determine its outcome. These charges, if true, also represent a very serious breach of the college's code of student conduct.

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I went to the site to check it out. Annie pointed out that the site date read: tuesday 25, 2005 and therefore they were in a very different time zone, maybe european. Then four seconds later she pointed to the date, now it read wednesday 11, 2004. At this point i realized this was the worst on-line purchase i had ever made. So i called my credit card company to stop the payment, they are closed until 9 am tomorrow. On a vague hope i then turned to the universal currency converter. After about 45 minutes of trial and error and tracing surgery the billing company (kazkommertsbank) i realized no worries.

dolphin paperweight

( 3 comments comment on this ) 8:46pm i summary just had 7 heart attacks. I am almost out of cigarettes and being a poor college student i was looking on-line for cheap places (switzerland) to buy cigarettes. My usual "hook-up" is out of business so i was looking at other sites. I found parliament lights for.45 a carton. "sweet" i thought, in fact "totally awesome" so i bought some. On a whim i printed out the receipt, total charged to my credit card: 2678.95. I don't even have that much money let alone wanting to spend it all on one carton of cigarettes.

came over to my house after work and i asked how her day was and she got really excited. "look what I got for free at work today" she said reaching in her back pocket. It was a huge gold hoop earring jlo brand. Not wanting to rain on her parade i did, however, feel I should point out there was only one earring, and it was bent, very badly. "I was afraid of this" I said. "I didn't take the highlighters with no caps or the broken dolphin paperweight" she said defensively. For my opinion: should have gone with the paper weight.

It may be worth noting i am a little tired as i am working.5 hours today and by the time this weeks ends (which is an absurd concept to me due to the fact my last day off was july 9th) i will have. Bitching aside as soon as i felt my lower lip begin to quiver and my eyes brim with salty water i had to slam the office door and lock it so as not to have the kids see me cry. They knocked on the door about a minute later, i was still a little unstable so i simply screamed through the door: "is anyone hurt?" "no, but." and unnamed client responded. I cut her off: "I'm doing paperwork, i'll be out in a minute." "ok" (footsteps away from the door)I then chuckled to myself. I am such an adult. So after feeling a little adulty because they believed i was doing paperwork and that was so important i should not be disturbed i cheered up and poured myself a grape pop as a mild self-punishment for spilling the delicious orange treat. Current mood: crazy ( 3 comments comment on this ) 9:13pm, annie got a job at Acme. This is a store that is the bastard child of engelsk cvs and a dollar store, basically a lot of cheap shit (ex. University of Arizona notebooks, keep in mind we are in Massachusetts).

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4:23am - glow in the dark pee so i'm working the overnight shift here at ozone. The kids have been asleep for hours and i am only fighting myself-i must stay awake. I never realized how hard it is to stay up all night if you aren't:.) drunk.) with friends.) writing a paper/studying.) all of the above i got 3 types of mountain dew before my shift in anticipation of my difficulty (regular. I think my pee will glow in the dark. Current front mood: thirsty ( 1 comment comment on this ) 1:55pm - oh! My name's angie i'm from aa i'm so thug life cat named milesy, current mood: jubilant ( comment on this ) 12:51pm - work and orange pop well i am at work (ozone house for those who know me might be confused at the generic term "work". I was sitting at the computer in the youth specialist's office (i am a youth specialist) and drinking orange pop while reading livejournal. While reaching for my pop i managed to misjudge distance and knock it over, i immediately began to tear up and feel fairly certain i was about to cry. It seems minor, it's just Our Family brand orange pop one might say, get over.

dolphin paperweight
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Nec px-50XM2a monitor x sustain main board Logic pkg50C2G. Dolphin, ocean Etched Glass Crystal, paperweight 10424. Lefton exclusive whale glass paper weight item number 10427.

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  1. Dolphin, figurine, paperweight with Swimming Dolphins Base. Vintage duncan and Miller Crystal Basket Set. Glass dolphin figurine blown glass dolphin paperweight figurine.

  2. Gekkoscience 2pac (Dual BM1384) usb stickminer. Since the construction tape looks so much like dolphin skin I let go of the idea to paint the dolphin and took up the challenge to just simply totally. "I didn't take the highlighters with no caps or the broken dolphin paperweight " she said defensively. Hand Blown Glass Crystal Striped.

  3. Sterling Silver Figurines: Flipper, dolphin, paperweight. Sterling Silver Figurines: Crab (Astrological Sign for Cancer). Dolphin, paperweight, mini reviews. Air Hogs, Thunder Trax rc vehicle,.4 ghz.

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