Biodiesel business plan presentation

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biodiesel business plan presentation

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Lipase catalyzed esterification ; development of Heterogeneous Catalyst. Use of smart polymers ; Alternate uses of by-products. Glycerol and meal cake. Utilization as fuel br / Data generation production of bio-diesel from all possible feed stocks; Response of different available additives and their dosages on the bio-diesel ; Effect of bio-diesel on elastomers, corrosion etc ; Stability of bio diesel - oxidation stability, thermal Stability and. Plants in operation/ under construction br / Different technologies are currently available and used in the industrial production of bio-diesel, which is sold under different trademarks. For example, there are the Italian processes novamont, and the French ifp.

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Yields such as jatropha and algae biodiesel; production scalability / flexibility options; supply chain, distribution and co-location strategies; innovative risk management strategies; and industry-friendly government targets and tax incentives committed to promoting the awareness and growth of the industry. Threat br and fuel companies monopoly (controlled access to distribution channels). Higher competitiveness of producers from other /. Product and its development br / bio diesel has Physical properties very similar to conventional writing diesel. Bio diesels Physical characteristic: br / Specific gravity.87.89 br / kinematic viscosity 40*c.7.8 br / catane number 46 to 70 br / higher heating value homework 16928 to 17996 br / sulfur, wt 0.0024 br /. br / Cloud point *C -11 to 16 br / pour point *C -15 to 13 br / iodine number 60 to 135 br / lower heating value 15,700 to 16,735 br /. Biodiesel Production Process br /. Resource requirement br / Raw Material (Jatropha seed and oil) br / Selection of improved germ-plasm material for quality and quantity of oil ; Selection of the bio-crop for production of biodiesel. Jatropha curcas others; developing agro-technologies for different agro-climatic regions; Total chemical analysis of all potential non-edible oils with special reference to jatropha curcas Oil. Production Technology br / Research efforts for perfecting an efficient chemical/ catalyst conversion process ; development of bio-catalyst.

No air pollution,. Low price (Workers land). Low costs of operating and good keeping / ul li low level of education among the agricultural producers. Low capital resources of farmers. Distant relation of farms with the market ( the unmarketable farms mostly). Lack of infrastructures. Lack of knowledge about / ul li a global Market Survey find that new developers, farmers, feedstock providers, producers, and investors who can meet growing demands for supply are expected to benefit from this emerging market. Key advantages in the future will be available to producers and investors to supply future needs with new and improved technologies.

biodiesel business plan presentation

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Specfic market: br / Tag of biography a developing country with a huge energy demand has forced India to depend on other countries for fuel (oil increasing the loyalty risk exposure of the country to the volatility of crude oil prices in the international market. Huge potential in terms of production, the Indian biofuel industry will prove to be a good option for biofuels producers, says "Emerging biofuel Market in India, a recent research report on the Indian biofuel industry. br dominates the world biofuel market and its production is expected to grow at a cagr of around -2017. Worldwide biodiesel production is expected to grow at a cagr of over to 2017. Ethanol production of India is likely to attain a cagr of slightly over 2 during the period ethanol use is expected to supersede the production during the forecasted period. Domestic ethanol consumption in India is projected to expand at a cagr of around.2017. Indias total biodiesel requirement is projected to grow.6 Million Metric Tons in / Analyse br /. Strengths br / ul li large, unexploited production potential of agriculture and rural areas (resource of land and workers).

Business plan br / on br / biodiesel br / jitesh kumarroll.31 br /. Need of the hour br in future demand for non-conventional resources. Eco- friendly fuel. Reduction of dependence on oil from outside the country. Reduction in green house gas emission. Reduction in Public health risk. Reduction in Air prevailing Market br / Current Market : br / The global markets for biodiesel are entering a period of rapid, transitional growth, creating both uncertainty and opportunity. The first generation biodiesel markets in Europe and the us have reached impressive biodiesel production capacity levels, but remain constrained by feedstock availability. In the bric nations of Brazil, India and China, key government initiatives are spawning hundreds of new opportunities for feedstock development, biodiesel production, and export" said biodiesel 2020 author Will Thurmond.

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biodiesel business plan presentation

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Other part of the sector risk comes from the technology itself, the greatest threat may come from latest developments in the biodiesel processing. A more cost effective production method requiring totally new equipment could make our plant obsolete. Therefore new inventions concerning the biodiesel fuels should be closely tracked, the cooperation with the local scientific organizations in the region hobbit is primarily aimed at minimizing this type of technological risk. company risk: Because of the newest technology, the company has a bit more risk than that of a traditional firm. The highly qualified and fully committed management team will do its best to decrease it as much as possible. Recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect writer important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Buisness plan, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, no downloads.

Because biodiesel is a valuable fuel for in-city transportation companies, direct mail to these and other companies would be effective tool in promotion. Ecology, energy, technology related seminars are effective in finding regional representatives, partners, suppliers and buyers of our product. Promotion programs are: discounts to those carrying our trademark and symbolic, support to ecology and renewable energy concerned organizations, participation in regional fairs and events. Sales Strategy our major intention is to keep levels of monthly production, sales, and collections together. For this reason we planned storage capacities only for one months production. Because biodiesel is highly liquid product, this goal can be implemented with right choice of distributors and suppliers.

Risk Analysis country risk: laos is regarded as a risky business environment, but conditions are improving continuously. The country has entered a stable growth period after the former years decline. Moreover, we determined the electricity costs to be higher than in normal cases, so as to finance the assurance of continuous electricity supply, an extra service in the country. sector risk: The main sector risk is the unpredictable output of the jatropha in each year. The necessary measures are assured in the project budget to cover this risk. The appropriate cultivation conditions can be maintained by the proposed agricultural equipment, moreover, insurance was also planned to cover weather risks.

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Advertising we'll be developing our core positioning message: "Clean fuel of Future" to differentiate our service from the competition. We will be using local newspaper advertising, radio, and cable tv to launch the initial campaign. Seminars, exhibitions and other promotion and charity campaign. Distribution we focus on the market need for environment friendly fuel distributed through the authorized fruit gas filling stations. We will also maintain close relationship with transport companies and agricultural enterprises. Price we must charge appropriately for this unique type of fuel, and to eliminate market risk we plan to sell biodiesel slightly lower than current market price for petro diesel. Competitive edge The use of biodiesel can extend the life of diesel engines because it is more lubricating than petroleum diesel fuel, while fuel consumption, auto ignition, power output, and engine torque are relatively unaffected. Combustion of biodiesel provides over a like 75- 90 reduction in environmental pollution and a 90 reduction in cancer risks. Sales Plan Product Assortment: biodiesel is planned to be sold using direct mail, seminars, promotion programs and advertising in business newspapers.

biodiesel business plan presentation

Value preposition we offer ecology-friendly and renewable type of fuel at a reasonable market price. Our project brings also new jobs and high-technology to laos agriculture and makes a further step towards the energy independence of the laos economy. Positioning Were positioning our product for those, who need and want to use non- polluting, ecologically friendly fuel. Unlike mineral fuel, biodiesel is renewable energy source, with comparable cost and performance. Promotion we depend on direct contacts as our main way to reach new buyers. As we grow, however, we need to change the way we promote ourselves. We will be selling biodiesel produced through a network of retail outlets established all over laos.

consumers as key target markets we will be spreading awareness amongst the farmers so that they plant Jatropha under hedging basis. Other strategies for placing emphasis on quality, our main tactics are technology expertise and developing our own supply network. Our specific programs for technology are continuous learning and research. Specific programs for supply include cultivation of rape-seed and cooperative agreements with local farms. our second strategy is the products low cost. The tactics are reaching the lowest possible cost of raw material by using most productive breeds of rape, fertilizers and herbicides, implementing the most effective operations in production.

Other users may also need non-polluting fuel for such reasons as safety comfort, ecological concerns. These customers will definitely choose the biodiesel against the conventional diesel, if the product pricing is approximately the same in both cases. Targeting strategies, emphasize inherent qualities of biodiesel and focus on target markets. we must differentiate biodiesel from other fuels. We need to establish our business offering professional as a clear and viable alternative for our target markets. Produce high quality fuel. Offer competitive price at the level of the conventional diesel fuel. Create strong distribution channels to ensure stability of production. Emphasize key advantages of our product.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Biodiesel, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, no downloads. No notes for slide. Marketing plan, target segment, the market for biodiesel is as large as the market for petro diesel. All customer using diesel are our customers such as owners of cars, truck, buses, dg sets, industries, railways etc. Although biodiesel can be marketed as an ordinary fuel, so most perspective customers are farms, in-city transport companies and those who need the lowest possible pollution levels in their good technological processes: warehouses, owners of generators, etc. The reasoning is the following, farms are suppliers of raw materials and can receive biodiesel as a payment. In-city transport companies feel constant pressure to reduce their fleets pollution levels and will be happy to buy biodiesel.

biodiesel business plan presentation
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  2. In the world energy markets, especially ethanol and biodiesel. Should work with existing haitian stakeholders to define an action plan for biofuels. Every biodiesel Business Plan, whether a startup or a full-fledged, profitable.

  3. Marketing plan Target segment The market for biodiesel is as large. The purpose of this business plan is to raise 1,000,000 for the development. Biodiesel production facility while showcasing the expected financials and. To assess the potential of biofuel crops to promote increased planting of perennia.

  4. Business plan br / on br / biodiesel br / jitesh kumarroll.31 br /. Need of the hour. This presentation has a business plan for setting up a bio diesel p lant.

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