Ways to write and

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ways to write and

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For this you could for example use a simple wordpad Screen that you modify to fit besides your own previous post, to make it easier to write your New Post based on your Own Previous Post. Or you can have a look at my Writing Blog, where you can read about many other Practical Tips for Writing in General. All the best, to your Happy blogging Inspiration, hp arsene hodali i like that. Anything thats makes people write more, better, and less seriously is a pleasure to see. Toby hey love it your take on it is so true and youre spot on writing does not get easier over time but its abit easier if as you suggest you write for a friend really good points Arsene hodali Glad you love. Thanks for taking the time to read. Arsene hodali i wish I had the secret to good writing.

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PoeticJustice, really, you literally do nothing for an hour everyday except for stare at a blank screen? That just seems like the essay dumbest piece of advice. Dont do your homework right away, stare at your textbook for an hour, and the answers will just come to you, dont cook dinner right away, stare at your pantry for an hour first and the ingredients you should use will just come to your. How about this, if youre really set on wasting an hour thinking of ideas, go jogging. That helps, and isnt a complete waste of time. Arsene hodali, the staring is to calm the mind and relax the fingers. Ive never actually stared at a screen for a full hour doing nothing. Calm book mind ready to type fingers writing. Hp van duuren, thanks for your quirky ways, a technique that I discoverd for Writing New Posts in a somewhat similar way as your quirky way. 1 is, a technique to easliy make it conversational by Writing a new Post simply based on your own Previous Post in a way as like commenting on your own Previous Post, making it like an On going Conversation that way.

Its never going to be easy, but it does get easier. About the author : Arsene hodali examines life through whimsical thoughts, questions, and actions over. From surviving the Rwandan Genocide to living on two hours of sleep a day for 6 months, hes experienced some pretty wild things. To" a certain hippy, hes seen things man. Outside of whimsical ponderings, you can find him running"s Clothing. He asks you to ponder lifes mysteries with him. Recommended Articles for you 24 Responses to 4 quirky ways to Write more and Better.

ways to write and

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If so, then click that publish button, for the world needs more good writing. But if you think you can write better or improve upon it then do that instead. But I warn you, dont fuss over perfection, its non-existent. While clicking that publish button a lot slower than you usually do, keep in mind that you will still need to ship as much as possible (Seths words again, seems I like the guy). This is why i urge you to stay at least one day ahead in your writing. For this gives you enough time to wait a day until you publish, while still allowing you to constantly put work out there into the world. And as I said earlier writing isnt easy for anyone. But by applying certain boundaries (Id rather not call them tricks) to your writing you can in fact write more and better.

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ways to write and

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I assignment figured that if my brain had to do the writing for me instead of my fingers, Id be writing a lot more less (this post would more than likely be nonexistent). Dont hit publish quiet yet. Youve written your masterpiece, congratulations! Now leave it alone and go do something else. Dont hit publish; Dont send it out into the world just yet. We all have this urge to put our work out there as soon as its done, but what most of us forget is that in that brief moment after weve finished writing we all get this delusional view of our writing. In that brief moment after were done writing something we all think weve written masterpieces.

Walk away from your masterpiece. Come back to it tomorrow and read it again. Come back to it when you no longer have on those rose-tinted glasses that make all your writing seem amazing. Now that youre back, is your writing still good? Does it now look like all the other writing thats out there or is it still as unique as you thought it was?

I set a designated time everyday where i must stare at a blank screen for at least one hour (I use Writeroom). What this does is calm me down. For this approach tells me that I dont have to write, i dont have to think, i frankly, dont have to do anything except stare at a blank screen with my keyboard in front. The thing being that after staring at a blank screen long enough i always find my fingers flying all over the keyboard. As if they had a mind of their own. This is the beauty of staring at a blank canvas, your fingers start doing the writing for you, not your brain.

As Seth Godin frequently says, youre lizard brain fears work. It fears writing But it doesnt fear sitting down and doing nothing. For thats not work, thats mindless staring. But your fingers dont fear work. Quiet the opposite, your fingers love work. So what staring at a blank canvas does is it calms the brain (have no fear, theres no work here while giving your fingers all the material they need in order for them to do what they love (work). And the more you learn, the better your fingers get (this is called practice).

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Some of it makes sense, some of it doesnt. Then they make sense of the nonsense, and present the finally piece to you; the audience. Books are not written in british one sitting. Stare at a blank canvas. Dont approach writing as having to write in itself. What I propose is that you shouldnt even think about writing when you want to write. Instead view writing as the act of staring at a blank canvas (yours can be a sheet of paper perhaps, but mines the computer screen). This is what.

ways to write and

When you approach writing management like this the only thing youre doing is putting up a big barrier for yourself. Instead approach writing as the process of being sure (which is quiet different). Tell yourself that the only way youll ever be more sure of anything is by writing about. Approach writing as the process of being sure. People view writers as always being sure of themselves (how else could they write what they write about so well? but frankly this is a mirage. Most writers actually write things down in order to be sure of themselves (they too are human after-all). Through writing things down, theyre able to see their thoughts take form.

heartfelt and much much more simpler. For you and i know that whenever we try to persuade our friend into doing anything, let alone listen, we have to explain our situation in the simplest and most heartfelt manner. Shockingly, this is the same passion and simplicity that will touch your audiences heart. Write as if youre never sure until its written. Most people think that in order to write something down, they have to be 100 sure of what theyre talking about. And this is the problem. No ones ever 100 sure (except for the ignorant).

Well, thats all due to the tactics they apply to writing. The best writers ive found all apply conditions to their writing. And if you can calmly listen for a tad bit Ill tell you about some of them. Write as if youre writing to a friend. Why do most new bloggers write more passionate and heartfelt content than most professional bloggers? Because most new bloggers dont have an audience. People fear audiences; the bigger the audience gets the more they see their own flaws (even when theyre barely noticeable) and start to ponder whether or not theyre worthy of being in the audiences offer limelight. So one way to write better is to disregard the audience.

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By guest Author - 4 minute read. This is a guest post by Arsene hodali. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Most people try to persuade you into writing by telling you how rewarding the art of writing is, and how although its challenging, it magically becomes easy over time. Thats a load of bull. Writing does not get easy over time. In feasibility fact ask a serious writer whether or not they love the act of writing and theyll usually tell you they dont. Writing is strenuous; its never going to be easy. So why do some people seem to constantly write more and better than others if writing is equally hard for everyone?

ways to write and
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