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hp paper shredder

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Eps beads Crusher, some recycling machines have been produced as demand grows, the eps beads crusher follows this trend. Eps beads shredder can smash waste plastic foam, such as coffee cups and food packaging. As you can see, waste eps has been crushed into pieces and beads, and the crushed eps beads can be made into other the picture, you can see waste eps has been crushed into beads. The advantages of eps beads crusher:. Saving: save cost and space by compressing your eps or polyethylene foam reducing waste hauling. Benefit: we purchase back all your compacted eps. Environment Responsibility: Earn public relations points as a green business;. Ease of Use: Simple, safe, one-person operation.

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Eps foam, pe for foam and other plastic foam can cause severe pollution on the environment if not handled properly. The waste foam can be smashed better and easier by the polystyrene crusher. So people can solve the waste foam problem with the help of plastic foam crusher. Bellow are some cases where waste foam is crushed: eps foam. In the picture you can see waste eps have been crushed into pieces, crush all kinds of bulk styrofoam into compact size. . and the crushed eps foam can be made into other products. Epe foam, in the picture you can see waste epe have been crushed into pieces, crush all kinds of bulk epe into compact size. . and the crushed pe foam can be made into other products, and other plastic foam as well. Pur foam, in the picture you can see waste pur have been crushed into pieces, crush all kinds of bulk pur into compact size. . and the crushed pur foam can be made into other products.

Dimensions, width mm, depth 30 inches without conveyor/80 inches with conveyor 762 mm, height 50 inches 1,270 mm weight 22 kg Please note that commercial shipping in the contiguous United States will be an additional charge. As international shipping and for non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a shipping" for your location upon your request. Greenmax Plastic foam, polystyrene Crusher, greenmax foam crusher can smash the waste plastic material into granules and beads. Greenmax has two machines that contain foam crusher and eps beads crusher. As you can see, an efficient heavy crusher driven by two powerful motors is able to break foams of all size and densities. The sharp cutter can shred all kinds of foam, especially pe foam, eps, into 20-50 mm size small pieces. The crusher blade is as follows: am Crusher, the foam crusher can smash the waste plastic material into granules.

hp paper shredder

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Sized for minimal energy consumption to save money. Ergonomic operation height permits any staff member to operate machine. Media destroyed, full height, half height, laptop, and notebook hard disk drives. Laptop and notebook computers (wide throat option). All magnetic tape cartridges of all sizes (including metal). Cell phones, keyboards, mice, and miscellaneous ewaste. Dvds, cds, Blue ray, zip discs, floppy discs, and all other media. Gsa purchase Price 34,950.00, purchase Price 43,687.50 3 year Extended Warranty 5,900.00, media destroyed, notebook/Laptop computers, hard drives, tape disc cartridges, dvds cds, cel spondylolisthesis phones. Throughput 30 drives per minute, power 208, 230 or 460V (3-phase) user must select.

Fast: Shreds up to 30 hard drives per minute (up to 2,000 per hour). Shreds hard drives, keyboards, cell phones, and laptop computers (wide throat option). Drives can be shredded as finely as desired by operators. Slow speed and high torque guarantee peak performance. Special saw tooth and hook cutters completely shred drives. Adjustable wear pads maintain optimum cutting efficiency. Heavy duty lockable casters permit safety operation. Self cleaning combers permit the machine to run continuously. Rugged steel construction provides reliable performance.

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hp paper shredder

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A number of special user safety features are included. The feed chute dimensions have been modified.5" x 8" and the length of the feed chute is 27". This prevents operator hands year and arms from reaching the cutters resume in the feed opening. The opening also regulates the drive sizes to those drives that can fit easily within the feed opening. This helps prevent jams allowing the machine to perform at maximum efficiency. Safety curtain flaps have been added to the feed chute cutting chamber entrance to help ensure there is no debris flying from the opening which could cause injury to the operator.

This disposal conveyor has been covered to minimize access to machine cutters and the sharp waste particles moving along the disposal conveyor. A number of optional features are available, including choice of shred widths, machine voltages, motor horsepower, throat widths, conveyor heights, and paint colors. The standard attached waste removal conveyor reaches a 42 inch height (higher lengths are available). This ipecial order machine and cancellation charges will apply. For more information, contact a data devices sales representative. Features: Physically shreds hard drives: guaranteed complete physical data security.

An attached output conveyor transfers shredded material to the waste bin for disposal and is included at no additional cost. The conveyor rollers are integrated with non-metalic (vulcanized) material to prevent magnetic build-up on the conveyor. If very small shreds are desired, the shredded material can be fed into the machine as many times as required to reach the desired final particle size for the destroyed materials. The unit is quiet, smooth and virtually vibration free. The hard Drive shredder will completely destroy up to 30 hard drives per minute. The 0301 Jackhammer.0 hp heavy-duty hard Drive shredder is designed with slow speed and high torque for peak performance.

It is carefully sized for minimal energy consumption. The special saw tooth and hook cutters automatically draw the material to be destroyed into the shredding area of the machine for complete destruction. The 5 hp drive motor is available in 208/230/460 3 phase voltages with low power consumption. The machine does not come equipped with a plug and/or Receptacle. The user is responsible to provide the plug, and a licensed electrician should complete the installation. The machine also incorporates special self cleaning combers to make certain all materials are completely destroyed. As the destruction process completely shreds the hard disk drives, no recoverable material will be left at the end of the shredding cycle. Users are absolutely assured that no recoverable information from drives will be accidentally released from the location. The attached output conveyor transfers shredded material to a discharge height of 42 inches for deposit into a waste container (higher conveyors are available as an option for taller containers).

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Shredder Oil (GBC1760049 sold separately. Color — charcoal email us: Email Home personal Shredders Office Shredders Production Shredders High Security Shredders Supplies accessories Shredder Help Shredders Comparison About Us Contact Us Privacy site map return Policy overview). Complies With glb act and friendship hipaa mandates for Complete hard Drive destruction. The model 0301 Jackhammer.0 hp hard Drive shredder is a heavy duty shredder designed to physically destroy hard drives, backup tapes, cds and dvds, keyboards, cell phones, laptop computers (option requiring wider throat and all assorted e-waste in order to ensure the information contained. The machine incorporates a feed opening.0" wide.5" high (maximum thickness of media to be destroyed.65 inches). It also includes adjustable wear plates to maintain cutter clearance at all times. This hard drive shredder destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type up to 2 inches in thickness. Drives are fed into the machine from the special feeding shelf which permits staging of drives for shredding.

hp paper shredder

On-site service, supplies report and accessories for this product: Product, description, price, gbc shredder Oil. Bottle of oil, gbc shredder Bags. Shredder bags (qty 300), large Office model 5220S Strip-Cut Paper Shredder. Auto start/stop, auto stop reverse mode anti-paper jammer. Shreds staples and paper clips, wastebin included, bin-full indicator. Recommended Shredder Users — 10, throat Width—15" (extra wide to accommodate 132-column printouts). Maximum Sheets Per Pass (20 — 20 to 22 Speed (Feet/Minute) — 40 Throughput (Sheets x Speed) — 880 Shred size (Inches) — 1/4" Shreds CDs Wastebin Capacity — 32 gallons Motor hp — 2/3 size — 24-1/4w x 18-1/2d x 39h Shipping weight —. Manufacturer Warranty — 3 years parts and labor, lifetime cutting heads Recommended Shred Bags — unv35952 or fel36054, both sold separately Frequent oiling of cutter blades is recommended in order to maintain sheet capacity.

In-cabinet bag storage compartment ensures bags are always at your fingertips. Our Price: 1,145, list Price: 1,999, shipping: Freight rate. Discontinued Model, replacement model is 5500S, condition: New. Warranty:  Lifetime on blades, 3 years on machine.

An automatic on/off provides convenient one-handed operation. Large shred bins allow for long runs between bag changes and casters provide easy mobility. Auto On/Off, continuous-Duty motors, ez-feed Throats, smartShred Electronics - 4 visual indicators: Power essay On, bag-Full, overload, and door Opened. Greater Through-Put - higher shred capacities and faster speeds. Larger Basket Capacities - up to twice as large as the competition. Bag Storage compartment, jam-Stopper Electronics - solid One piece cutters shred staples and paper clips without jamming. Gbc shredmaster 5220S, strip Cut All Purpose Office paper Shredder "Ideal for high volume centralized use in departments and copier areas.". The gbc 5220S Strip Cut Office Shredder - shreds 17 - 19 sheets at a time including staples and paper clips.

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Gbc 5220S Shredder, you are here: Shredders gbc office Shredders gbc shredmaster 5220s, office Shredders. Gbc offers over 70 years experience in designing and producing top-quality shredders. Gbc office shredders come with a complete statement three-years warranty (with five years to lifetime warranty on cutting heads and gbc has the industry's only on-site factory service program plus hundreds of servicing dealers. Office shredders are powerful and designed for heavy use by an individual or general office use. These shredders feature continuous-duty motors that never need a cool down period. The exclusive jam-Stopper Electronics provide auto Stop on Jam to minimize motor wear and tear. Deep, funnel-shaped throat simplifies paper feeding by accommodating oversized sheets and disorganized stacks.

hp paper shredder
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  2. Polystyrene Crusher could shred all kind of plastic foam. Ares series Crushers are mainly used for eps foam and epe foam).

  3. Complies With glb act and hipaa mandates for Complete hard Drive destruction. The model 0301 Jackhammer.0 hp hard Drive shredder is a heavy duty shredder designed to physically destroy hard drives, backup tapes, cds and dvds, keyboards, cell phones, laptop computers (option requiring wider throat and all assorted e-waste in order to ensure. Manufacturer of industrial paper drilling machines hollow paper drill bits paper drill bits paper drill parts we carry lawson Dexter Lawson Challenge nygren Dahly Iram Hang seybold.

  4. Global cg m original owners inventors of Saturn and ssi shredding lines and Eidal Shredding product line. Tire Shredders and shredding equipment. Buy staples 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder at Staples' low price, or read our customer reviews to learn more now.

  5. Buy aurora as420c desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder: everything Else - m free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Get done your paper Shredder activities through our improved 5220S Strip Cut Paper Shredder. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Cross Cut Shredder. Cross cut heavy duty shredders are manufactured with a variable capacity starting from 3 hp to.

  6. Shop Shredders & Accessories at Staples. Choose from our wide selection of Shredders & Accessories and get fast & free shipping on select orders. M: AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security micro-cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder: Electronics.

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