Health is important in life essay

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health is important in life essay

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Neutrogena presents an easy step-by-step application video on their website. Curious about this Instant Bronze video, i explored the website. An introduction by Elizabeth Brous intrigues the reader by proposing different events, such as prom night, that consumers would want to attend with a glimmering perfect tan. She writes the bad news of a true tanfest could result in a higher risk of cancer, and wrinkling at an early age. Of course, tanning salons are going to claim their bulbs are safe, but why wouldnt they? Before fawning over the gorgeous sun god pictured on the brochures of these salons, look into the future and recognize the consequences your health may pay. Brous saves the day with the alternative of obtaining a glossy golden tan instantly without skin cancer risks.

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Department of Public health and Human Services, it seems to be common sense to apply sunscreen when being exposed to the sun, but few people realize the potential dangers associated with the use of tanning beds neutrogena provide the same result you would receive from. The relaxed and glowing disposition of the woman persuades customers to recognize this quick and easy product. This product offers instant results leaving time for other satisfactions to attend. Applying self-tanner may seem unusual, complicated, and unnatural to many, but neutrogena stops at nothing to promote this product as a quick and easy procedure. The ad offers choices, which are help appealing to consumers. Two well-designed bottles appear on the page. The consumer is given raleigh the option of selecting foam or lotion instant bronzer. It causes them to believe that having the option of making a decision will distinguish them from other buyers. Both bottles are golden with bronze covers. The colors are attractive to the buyers who want their color tone to resemble these vibrant, creamy shades. Are you still a bit indecisive about self-tanner?

The white background of the ad places all the attention on words the woman. It causes her radiant and natural-looking skin to stand out, just as many women want to stand out in society today. The successful aftermath shown through the image of a knockout beauty, and the alternative technique present to obtain a natural-looking tan without abusing your skin with ultraviolet ray allures customers. Customers are intrigued by a healthy method for acquiring a tan, and are assured efficient flawless results through the satisfied smile of the model. The casual and sporty tennis-like skirt worn by the modes suggest athleticism and a leisure type of lifestyle. Playing tennis or another outdoor sport is an ideal opportunity to get a tan, but with neutrogena Bronzer player can focus on their games rather than acquiring a copper tone. Free time to play tennis suggests a relaxing lifestyle. Why not make you life more relaxing and stress-free with neutrogena Bronzer? According to the.

health is important in life essay

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Labels: health is wealth essay essay on health is wealth health is wealth speech health is wealth essa. The magazine ad placed in teen Vogue pictures a stunning young woman in a short and sexy one-piece halter skirt, confidently showing off her perfect tan. She flashes a gorgeous smile, and has her chin resting against her hand, visually suggesting, look. Primarily teen girls and young women read teen Vogue. Placing this ad in a magazine targeting this audience suggest teen Vogue is concerned about skin cancer, and wants to stress their concern by illustrating an appealing alternative in their. Audrey kunin, diplomat of the American board of Dermatology, the earlier people develop ultraviolet skin damage, the more apt it is that they will develop melanoma, a form of cancer. Since most tanning bed users are under the age of 30, this ad is aimed towards them.

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health is important in life essay

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Kids spend a majority of the day with gadgets and playing games and straining their eyes. In addition, the fast food plays havoc in their lives rendering them diseased at a very young age. They should spend more time in physical activities to improve their health. Hence, money is not the real wealth but it is the health that counts for the people. Challenges for physically unfit person: Physically unfit people can face lots of problems not only in their personal but also professional lives. They cannot harvard work for long hours and are dependent on other people to meet their basic requirements. One can live life without loads of money but it is impossible to live happily with bad health.

Addiction to alcohol and tobacco is dangerous: If you are addicted to alcohol and tobacco, it is vital to leave the bad habits. Everybody knows how they impact the health of the people and cause problems in the long run. One should make sure to drink only one or two pegs as appetizers rather than going the whole hog. Brisk walking on a daily basis improves the health and the body metabolism. Wealth can be earned even if it is lost but one cannot recover lost health especially if it is due to chronic diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. Following simple rules of hygiene would help to improve the physical well-being of the person.

There are much more reasons why health is the new wealth in present time. Fitness is the key to success: Advancement in medical science has increased the retirement age of the people. They need to work for long hours due to increased globalization and competition. Unless the individual is physically fit, it is not possible to achieve professional success. Regular exercises: A sedentary lifestyle has created problems for lots of people. As a result, they suffer from high blood sugar level and pressure.

It is important to do regular exercises in order to enhance the blood circulation of the body. Improved physical health will help to ensure the mental health of the person. For instance, it is vital to sleep early in order to focus on daily tasks after getting up from the bed. Proper dietary regime: Users should always eat healthy food without the refine oil as it can increase the cholesterol level in the blood. Fresh food and vegetables play a very important role in improving the immunity system of the body. You should always make sure to have fruits regularly because they are a rich source of Vitamin c and. Boon for the students: All work and no play make jack a dull boy is a common saying and more so in the case of present time.

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And the ages keep getting younger and essay younger. Much of this is due to lack of knowledge, along with not understanding that the means to deal with these problems are not so far unattainable as we often think. In conclusion, a college level health class is a necessity in todays society, because the knowledge that is gained today will greatly increase our chances for tomorrow. Understanding health is understanding the importance of life, and how to cope with the everyday challenges we face. Not only that, but how the choices that we make today will have an impact on our future, as well as the future of others. Modern life is full of work and personal commitments leaving people a little time to think about their happiness. They work very hard to earn money in the age of tough competition and neglect health at their own peril. It is a huge mistake because once you fall ill; it is not possible to work with same focus and dedication.

health is important in life essay

With a basic health mother class, it may get them to thinking that the future isnt so far distant, and that life is far more important than the thrills of the moment. A health class in college would serve well, if nothing else than a wake up call to the problems that may lie ahead. The knowledge that can be gained from a health class, may only effect you for three days, but wouldnt it be better to keep those three days, because of the knowledge that was gained than to lose those three days because of knowledge that was. While much of the information gained in a college level health course is irrelevant, the chances that you may learn something, even one thing, that may help you in the future is undeniably great. Just the knowledge that your health now will effect you not only five years down the road, but five days down the road is something that is invaluable to know. A college health class provides the basic knowledge of the consequences of our decisions and may cause college students to think a bit more before they place their bodies in certain situations. Just the knowledge of what could happen is enough for me to think twice before doing something. The rapid rate at which people are getting terminally ill and dying is unfathomable.

your body, but Id rather prefer my soul to be content than my body. If you dont overdo it until youre sick, you should do what makes you happy. Heredity of certain illnesses or causes of death is maybe something that you should keep in mind, but i also wouldnt let my life be dominated by worries about this issue. Something you can watch out for, if its not too much effort, is the quality of the food you eat. Fast food is available everywhere, but in order to satisfy your hunger you can always buy something else. But also there you shouldnt spend too much energy to avoid chemistry and just try to enjoy life. The moment without thought of the consequences their actions may have on them twenty years from now.

To get all the nutriments that came in our body just naturally thousands of years ago, we have to get a lot of information and spend a lot of time. I think that you should look out not to eat too much junk, but in my eyes an ideal diet is something that we sacrificed for our modern and easy with lifestyle. For me, the sacrifice isnt to big, because food that tastes good is also good for the soul and maybe happiness is more important than a life stretched to the limit. Besides, who wants to organize his/her life after some diet plan a scientist invented? Its the same principle for me with exercise. A long time ago, exercise was necessary to survive, to escape from predators, for example. Today we dont have to run away anymore and we can just get into the car to bridge distances. But fortunately, exercise cant be replaced by something artificial invented by companies to make money.

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Everybody is talking about a healthy nutrition today. There are many books and tv-shows that try healthy to convince the people to eat more vegetables and to go to the gym. But can these things really improve our quality of life? In my opinion, an ideal diet is impossible today without loading yourself with a lot of work and additional time management. Society is changing, everything has to be fast and easy, but the human body needs a lot more than just feeling full. But our ancestors instinctively preferred high-fat and high-carb foods to survive and we still feel that desire. Food companies know this of course and so we have the possibility to choose our food just by taste and personal flavor. As a result, todays life is exactly the opposite of what the human body was built for, because we dont know what we need.

health is important in life essay
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Essay example 1: skin Cancer and healthy behavior. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the Unites States.

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  1. A healthy diet helps people maintain and improve their general health. It is important to intake the right nutrients daily to obtain a healthy diet. Healthy eating healthy eating is very important in everyday life.

  2. Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life. To what extent do you agree? I completely agree that there are many advantages of balanced diet, which plays important role of healthy life.

  3. Essay on Village, life, issues, Advantages, Importance of Village. and the village is a place, or a destination where there are old houses which are made up of mud are there are hurts, but. Food and health Essays.

  4. We can write a custom essay. Importance of health Education Essay sample. According to your Specific Requirements. So, it is important to maintain the hygienic habits which in turn will lead to good health.

  5. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Figure 3: processing of food in stomach. In our life, health is the most important thing that we must too stress. Things may change, but the idea that health is vastly important to life will never die.

  6. Hope you have understood why is health important essay legal alien for un motivated A good health keeps happy and the need good health in life and people need. Health Is wealth Short Essay - english Essay on Importance Of health. At every step of our life, good health plays a very important role. Good health in your professional life will allow in less absenteeism and high turnover, excellent work performance, a greater contribution to the organization and faster promotion.

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