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globe theatre essay

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There was however a thatched roof over the stage. The use of a roof over the stage was not only to protect the performers from the weather, but to improve acoustics as well. (Hornell 44) Two very elaborate, almost gaudy pillars held the roof over the stage, a style favored by the Elizabethans. The stage in itself was rectangular and extended into the middle of the auditorium. Various trapdoors were cut in the center of the stage, through which an actor might disappear or leap forth, as the action demanded. A balcony hung over the rear of the stage and a musicians gallery was tucked behind the balcony. (Richman 1) Unseen, behind the stage, was the tiring house. Here is where the actors dressed for the plays.

Globe, theater, term Paper

But in 1597, the and lease on the land on which The Theatre sat expired and the owner of the land would not renew the lease. (Encarta n/p) essay In the winter of 1598, while the original owner was away, the people of London decided to move the theater, board by board. They began to rebuild the theater in southwark, london, near The rose, the Swan, and The hope theaters. After ten months of rebuilding, the theater was later renamed as The. The Globe Theatre was rebuilt primarily for the fall of the previous theater. Upon completion of the newer, revised theater, The Globe actually turned out not to be the largest of its time. The theater was three stories high, one-hundred feet in diameter, and could hold as many as 2,900 patrons if desired. (Encarta n/p) The Globe Theatre was constructed as a mixture between a roman Amphitheater and an English Tudor house. The architecture of The. Globe was very unique. There was no roof over the actual theater.

With this, Shakespeare was mainly centered at one theater, The Globe. With the popularity of playwrights in the middle ages, the theaters themselves were popular as well. By the late 1500s, performances were becoming expensive, shutting out the non-payers. (Hartz 35) The solution was to find or construct buildings that were suitable for the performance of plays. By the late 1500s, there were over a dozen theaters in the immediate london area. At this time, the most paperwork popular theater, "The Theatre" housed the most prestigious of plays. For years, this one individual theater acted as the center of the town, where the most famous plays were shown.

globe theatre essay

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The theater was a very important aspect of Elizabethan life in the medieval ages. Life in Elizabethan times was difficult and dangerous. Many people were poor tenant farmers, often living at the mercy of wealthy landowners. People threw trash of all kinds into streets, and tolerated fleas, lice, and rats in their homes and clothing. (Richman 1) Disease and death essay were a part of everyday life. Elizabethans sought relief from their harsh lives by attending plays and other forms of entertainment, which made the theater so important to Elizabethan culture. There were many theaters in Elizabethan times, all very similar to each other. However, when William Shakespeare began writing playwrights, the final production was so exceptional, that no other person could compare.

In the all-new idea of theaters, playwrights lifted the Elizabethan. Theater to new heights. Men like shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe dared to write plays about real people in a variety of real situations. Through their efforts, these men and those of similar qualities produced dramas that were far more sophisticated and entertaining than ever before. Audiences expressed their pleasure by demanding more and more plays. The public shared a great deal of interest in the theaters and playwrights of this time. People from all over the city of London would travel to experience the dramatic feel of the.

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globe theatre essay

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After the finishing touches were applied the Globe complex opened in August of 1994. Since the completion of the Globe, many exhibits have resume been held. Finally, the dreams of many people were fulfilled and a similar replica was completed. Since the original Globe Theater was constructed in 1599, numerous plays and exhibits were performed. For Shakespeare, the original Globe Theater was the home hospital for most of his plays. Without the Globe, who knows where Shakespeare?

S plays would have been performed, if anywhere at all. The significance of the Globe even stretches passed Shakespeare because despite being torn down twice, there was a need to rebuild this theater. This Globe has become a necessity in the lives of many and the memoirs that the Theater holds will never be forgotten or taken away. Globe Theatre Essay, research Paper, in the cobblestone roadways and roughly built playhouses, an extraordinary development took place in England in the 1500s. At that time, a burst of literary accomplishments arose that was never before seen in the history of the theater.

The following year. The Shakespearian Globe Playhouse Trust? And leased.8-acre lot across from the brewery on Bankside (Zenger). In 1986 they finally won a 125-year lease and the next year the ground breaking occurred. With all the new information such as the illustrations and discovered foundations the figure of the Globe came out of the gray and into focus.

The new Globe was then being constructed but it would not be a perfect replica, because some of the details were almost impossible to duplicate. The replication of the Globe had the pillars on the stage for authenticity. The design is still ambiguous and altered at points such as the? Where little detail was provided (Unknown1). The halls and doors had to be widened to meet code. Many other features such as plumbing and electricity were also added to this new improved Globe.

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In 1644, the theater was completely torn down in order to report make tenements upon the premises. With time, the Globe and its design became only descriptions, in accurate drawings, and pictures. The most accurate illustrations were made in 1647 as viewed from southwark cathedral and they were called? Long view London.?(Unknown1) Almost three centuries later, in 1945, a plan was made called the Abercrombie plan that included development of south Bank and reconstruction of the Globe with a library. Then in 1949, an interested Sam Wanamaker came to look for some remains of the Globe and he found nothing but a mere plaque on the wall of brewery (Unknown1). This was assumed to be the general location of the Globe. Wanamaker invited architects to a meeting and they discussed the Globe in 1969. An architect named Theo crosby attended and later became the head architect.

globe theatre essay

The main reason for rebuilding the Globe was out of tradition. Construction began on the original foundation. It was rumored that King James and other essays noble men helped the troupe with the cost of rebuilding (Zenger). The replacement was completed in 1614 using the same basic design as the previous version. Short after the reconstruction of the Globe, shakespeare passed away. The second Globe was built with more room for costumes and props. It also had more structural integrity so the pillars in the stage were removed. The Globe held performances for many more years until 1642. In this year the puritans closed down all theaters and other place that would supply entertainment to the people (Unknown).

the thatched roof of the third floor (Zenger). The Theater only took two hours to burn completely down, except for the foundation. In a matter of a few years, this theater rose and then fell in one catastrophic event. This tragic event was expected to lead to the demise of The kings Men, but this consequently worked in the favor of them. After this unfortunate loss to The kings Men, they were left to pick themselves up and continue. Fortunately for them, in August of 1608 they built an indoor theater called Blackfriars, which they quickly transferred to and began making profits better than ever (Unknown1). This was because of having high priced seats in their smaller theater. This was a quick replacement for the Globe but the people missed the famous theater. This discontent led a new project that was to be undertaken.

The Globe was the shmoop most important structure to Shakespeare? S drama because most of his plays were to be performed on the stage of the Globe. Those plays written by Shakespeare include: Hamlet, macbeth, Twelfth Night, king lear, Othello, julius caesar (Unknown). These plays that had a huge effect on our literature, had an even larger effect on the people of London. Plays were important to the residents of London because they were an efficient way of getting a message to many people and entertain them at the same time (Unknown1). The playhouses commonly drew thousands, who saw a supposedly fictitious play often with a political undertone. The Globe Theater became the most popular theater amongst the people.

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Globe Theatre Essay, research Paper, the Globe Theater is said to be the most important structure in Shakespeare? The Chamberlain Company built the Theater in 1699. The Theater was located on the southern shore of the Thames river in London. Shakespeare, being a member of the Chamberlain Company, became a shareholder in the Theater. Along statement with Shakespeare, james Burbage, his two sons, and five members of the troupe owned the Globe (Zenger). This group of men was called Lord Chamberlains Men after a patron of the acting company. In may of 1603, king James I came to see their plays and the troupe then changed their name to The king? These people and groups became a living part of the Globe Theater.

globe theatre essay
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