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fairy tail writing

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Or will she choose to be with one of them? Will it be mystogan, the guy with the kindest and caring heart? Siegrain, the heart throb womanizer? Or Jellal, the one who is seen by everyone as the black sheep of their family? Jerza;highschool fairy tail - rated: t - english - romance/Drama - chapters: 3 - words: 7,021 - reviews: 28 - favs: 30 - follows: 36 - updated: 5/18/2017 - published: 3/15/2016 - jellal./Siegrain, Erza. Mystogan/Edo jellal fairy tail high! By omgitzSnowFlake reviews This is a story of fairy tail witwist. Rivalries between saber-tooth prep and fairy tail High / Romance and Bullies-please enjoy -uncompleted fairy tail - rated: t - english - romance/Humor - chapters: 14 - words: 18,533 - reviews: 69 - favs: 38 - follows: 43 - updated: 10/22/2017 - published: 4/11/2016 Just.

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Juvia begins the hoot new school year with a tragedy, which leaves Gray more determined than ever to fix the relationship he once ruined. Will Gray be able to convince the bluenette that he isn't the same self-centred prick she has come to know? gruvia are my favourite ship! Fairy tail - rated: k - english - romance/Drama - chapters: resume 12 - words: 21,817 - reviews: 53 - favs: 30 - follows: 54 - updated: 10/5/2017 - published: 10/8/2016 - gray., juvia. My guardian Angel by naluPrincess reviews His father broke his promise, now a young lonely boy is reaching his limit of how much pain he can take. But what happens when Lucy, the Angel of joy, crash lands into his bedroom on his 16th birthday? Will she be able to mend the pieces of his broken heart or will he fall into deep despair?- warning: slow nalu fairy tail - rated: t - english - adventure/Romance - chapters: 8 - words: 32,544 - reviews: 196 - favs: 167 - follows. Gray., juvia. Triple love by sophia g - animelover4Ever58 reviews What happens when triplet brothers falls in love with Erza scarlet? Will Erza go crazy, knowing three men with same faces are in love with her?

A modern Zervis Story by PhoenixLars reviews In a not so parallel universe of fairy tail, a young girl named mavis Vermillion has a crush on her senpai, zeref Dragneel. But it would be to embarrassing to confess. Zeref Dragneel has fallen in love with a girl so cheerful and bright, that he thinks she couldn't possibly like him. In the fairy Academy for the young and intelligent, two polar opposites fall in love. Fairy tail - rated: t - english - romance/Drama - chapters: 4 - words: 4,387 - reviews: 15 - favs: 25 - follows: 31 - updated: 3/23/2017 - published: 3/7/2017 - mavis., zeref Zera It Started With Fate by jiminjamms reviews Erza scarlet's the. Being called "Titania" and "Fairy queen" since her childhood and growing up with everyone looking up to her, Erza gets curious when one guy doesn't seem to acknowledge her existence.Jellal Fernandes. (43.7k views) fairy tail - rated: t - english - romance/Drama - chapters: 32 resume - words: 97,542 - reviews: 302 - favs: 91 - follows: 102 - updated: 7/6/2017 - published: 4/21/2015 - erza., Gray., jellal./Siegrain - complete Who do you think. By panda Crescent reviews High School Au! Juvia and Gray are first years in fairytail High.

fairy tail writing

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Who knew that from this simple gesture, lucy would begin to open up to this stranger and tell him things she never told anyone? Fairy tail - writing rated: t - english - romance/Drama - chapters: 18 - words: 65,074 - reviews: 496 - favs: 362 - follows: 506 - updated: 7/24/2017 - published: 4/2/2017 - natsu., lucy. Igneel High School: fairy tail High School by darkFlames5500 reviews AU: The fairy tail High School is the most prestigious high school in all of tokyo, japan. The students who attend are the best of the best, all from noble and rich families. They bow down to no one; they are the mountains that refuse to bow to the strongest of winds. Fairy tail High is where natsu, lucy, gray, erza, and many others will start their fun of love and adventure. Fairy tail - rated: t - english - humor/Adventure - chapters: 3 - words: 4,006 - reviews: 10 - favs: 12 - follows: 19 - updated: 4/9/2017 - published: 2/9/2017 - erza., Gray., lucy., natsu.

Like a brother." Nalu au in which Lucy and Natsu are childhood best friends. Oh, and she's desperately in love with him, but he's too dumb to notice. After leaving to attend an all-girls' prep school, she returns, a changed woman. But will he even notice? Fairy tail - rated: t - english - romance/Drama - chapters: 18 - words: 54,533 - reviews: 629 - favs: 923 - follows: 522 - updated: 11/17/2016 - published: 5/13/2016 - lucy., natsu. Failmate by, mizzyplatinum reviews : soulmate au in which you write something on your skin and it appears on your soulmate's skin and Lucy's soulmate decides to write on his skin at the absolute worst time. Fairy tail - rated: t - english - romance/Humor - chapters: 1 - words: 2,912 - reviews: 71 - favs: 384 - follows: 125 - published: 7/28/2016 - natsu., lucy. complete The desk by Flaminkomage reviews It started when Lucy vented to herself by writing on her desk and forgetting to erase. Then, a mysterious flutist from the class after hers begins replying to her writing.

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fairy tail writing

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Founder: Sabrina-nee - stories: 126 - followers: 198 - staff: 18 - id: 94044, a collections of Alternative universe fairy tail fiction about High School life. Feel free to pm sabrina if you want to join as staff or if you want your stories to be added on my community. Fiction Rating: All? Ratings guide)Rated k - trated k - krated krated krated trated msort: Archive date. Update date, publish Date, reviews, favorites, follows. Time range: All, updated within book 24 hours, updated within 1 week. Updated within 1 month, updated within 6 months, updated within 1 year.

Published within 24 hours, published within 1 week, published within 1 month. Published within 6 months, published within 1 year, genre: All 1000 5000 1000 5000 10,000 20,000 40,000 60,000 100,000Status: AllIn-ProgressComplete. By, titaniatia reviews, requests under rating t accepted. No smuts please au, middle or High School. Fairy tail - rated: k - english - romance - chapters: 1 - words: 783 - reviews: 7 - favs: 8 - follows: 3 - published: 8/6/2017 - romeo., wendy. One Of The boys by stopnatsu reviews "I love you, natsu lucy had whispered. Natsu smiled and replied, "I love you too, luce.

For other speculations surrounding the next chapter, watch the video clip below. Copyright 2015 m All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. News, welcome to m! We have created this platform and collected all these pictures for your pleasure. You can click on a character below that will bring you to the specified database.

When you land in the page then you can do all sorts of stuff like change view system,order by popularity, rating. And remember to create an account for all the extra features. You can also find plenty of Hentai videos in our Hentai streaming website called. HentaiOppai if you want to know more information about hentaioppai then. Best rated (4.16) solo2 (4.13) fairy tail Lucy heartfilia natsu Dragneel Rusky (4.12) (4.05) yukino 1 (4.04) (4.04) n (4.00) db14c90812d72eb923fdc6f (4.00) 4 (4.00) fairy (32) (4.00) fairy tail20lucy heartfi.315x0 (4.00) lusciousnet 975308-azuma fairy tail.315x0. Most visited (220246) Erza animated 02 (206779) Erza animated 03 (204247) Erza animated 01 (173229) Erza animated 04 (163508) Lucy animated 01 (158802) w17 2 (157794) Erza animated 06 (152850) Erza animated 05 (144726) Lucy animated 04 (140018) Lucy animated 05 (130084) w09. Home, community, anime/Manga, fairy tail, fairy tail High School Life, fairy tail High School Life, follow. Focus: Anime/Manga fairy tail, since: 07-23-11.

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Meanwhile, in a separate discussion at report Reddit, AstonishingSpiderMan suggested a fight between August and Gildart may happen. This may be possible as it can be seen the events in the succeeding chapter suggests the latter already being at the middle of the battle zone. It may be likely the characters will be showcasing their respective fighting prowess against each other. But some fans believe the face-off may be postponed in the next chapter, and the story will focus on other things instead. Some also believe both characters will be teaming up instead to defeat Acnologia. With all these predictions, others are also looking forward when the fairies finally face the soldiers of Spriggan 12, although the likeness of the event is not guaranteed as of this writing. Readers are advised to take everything with a pinch of salt as these are only rumors and speculations. "Fairy tail" chapter 496 will be available in manga by aug.

fairy tail writing

battle against each other as well. In a discussion thread at Manga helpers, users translated the japanese characters that were posted by jump-Natarbe. The spoilers discussed that Gildart will be facing Serena alone in battle so that Natsu and company can move forward. On the other hand, a lot of encounters are expected to happen in the as Lisana and Elfman encounters Ajeel, mira come across Jacob, and Wahl and Bradman meets Rogue and Minerva. Advertisement, like us on, facebook, the fight between Gildart and God Serena will conclude with the latter being defeated by the former using his single blow of Empyrean. Fans have sympathized over Serena's two in a row defeat, with others pertaining to the character as a measure of others' strength during battle. The upcoming chapter will also reveal that Invel is watching over the battlefield in a not so faraway hill. This destination will be reached by the fairy tails as they run through the Alvarez forces.

3, aftermath, cana fails the exam, over the years, cana became afraid to dillard tell Gildarts the truth and decides to keep it a secret until one day, she was chosen to participate in the. S-class Mage Promotion Trial. With that, she decides to tell her father the truth if she becomes an s-class Mage. However, she's failed the trial four times in a row and decides that if she failed once more she would leave the guild and the town. 4, references, fairy tail Manga: Chapter 232, page. Fairy tail Anime: Episode 112, fairy tail Manga: Chapter 232, pages 6-8. Fairy tail Manga: Chapter 232, pages 9-10. Home entertainment 'fairy tail' Chapter 496 spoilers, predictions: Gildart defeats God Serena, fights August next? Fairy tail is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by hiro mashima.

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Cana Alberona joins fairy tail is an event that took place 12 years prior the beginning of the series. Prologue, cana meets her Father, gildarts, after the death of her mother, cana Alberona discovers her will and finds out that the name of her father. Cana begins searching for him and the search leads her to the doors of a guild called. 1, joining fairy tail, in front of the, first fairy tail building, cana finds herself face-to-face with her father for the first time. While the timid Cana tries to tell him that she is his daughter, gildarts advises her to go home or she will wind up reeking of booze. He then leaves for a mission, leaving Cana astonished that he didn't recognize her. While waiting for her father's return, cana is invited life into the guild by fairy tail Mages. 2, the invitation leads to cana coming back to the guild every day, waiting for her father's return. Cana eventually joins the guild and, after several months, is introduced to gildarts by macao and wakaba, but he vaguely remembers her.

fairy tail writing
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Fairy, tail " has been reported to feature gildart defeating God Serena and fighting August in the. Is not guaranteed as of this writing.

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  3. In front of the first. Fairy, tail, building, cana finds herself face-to-face with her father for the first time. Lets write a fairy - tail!

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