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writing bullet points

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Youre making a plain and legitimate claim that your product/idea/service will give them what theyve been looking for. Goes without saying (but of course Im going to say it anyway you absolutely must deliver on the promise you make. There are probably faster ways of ruining your credibility and career, but not giving your reader what you promised is definitely in the top three. Brian Clark wrote the definitive, bullet points 101 post more than five years ago. Go ahead and read that through at your earliest convenience. Seriously, heres that link again — click it and read that post about 10 times.

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What does this mean for writers trying to cut through it all? At least two things that I can think of: youd better know how to write a headline, youd better know how to write bullet points that grab (and keep) attention. Were not telling you to keep your copy short. Were telling you to keep your copy readable. Like it or not, they keep people reading your blog posts, pages, articles, and copy like nothing else. Lets take a quick look at how to get this done, and get it done well: The basics of writing bullet points that work. The essence of a great bullet is brevity promise. Brevity has been a hallmark of good writing since writing began, but every one of us living in the shiloh Twitter era possesses an acute awareness of just how important brevity is right now. Long, complex bullet points would defeat the purpose of writing bullets at all — to keep your reader moving through your copy. Promise is the element that hooks your reader like a fish.

The promise is the tease or hook youre making to your reader that can benefit them. Bullet points serve to break-up the text by highlighting specific aspects of your copy. The scanner slows down to read, going from one bullet point, then onto the next, and. And, more important, bullet points make your article far easier to read. After all, thats what its all about. Getting your reader to finish your article. Its Twitters world, were just living. Blog posts, Tweets, 6-second videos, google, the facebook timeline, and tens of thousands of images pinned to digital boards are flying past us faster than we can read them. Faster than we can even scan them, depending on the time of day.

writing bullet points

Heroic Bullet points That Sell (With

By no means exhaustive, here are a few the examples where bullet lists are very effective: Cliffhangers that tease or foreshadow whats coming up next. Summarizing information or highlights. Breaking down complex sentences (known as Bullet Chunking). Citing data or proof to mother back up a claim (these are called Authority bullets). These type of bullet points are usually found in sales copy and are designed to create curiosity to prompt a purchase. Internal fascinations are bullet points designed to persuade the reader to continue reading the article. A summary on bullet points people like bullet points and are more likely to read them than a paragraph.

What this means is having bullets, then sub-bullets, or worse, sub-titles. Bullets are designed for clarity of reading. Each bullet should contain the same grammatical format. Bullets should be uniform and you want to show content symmetry. For example, you dont want a statistic for the first bullet, followed by a long explanation for the second, then a link for the third bullet. When should you use a bullet list? It goes without saying that bullet lists are a series of bullet points. The objective is to break up a paragraph or an idea into digestible bits. There are different ways of doing this.

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writing bullet points

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Bullet point formatting and style, bullets are essential for readability. Theyre easy on the eye and get the reader to stop, and pay attention. Brevity plus the promise of bullet points are essential, and so is their formatting and style. Heres what makes a great bullet: A great bullet is simple and the bullet list is simple. Bullets, like headlines, dont need to be complete sentences. They can be fragmented.

Where possible, they should contain jungle a reader orientated benefit. Consider them as mini-headlines. Give your reader a meaningful benefit. Bullet points should be symmetrical meaning each bullet is one line or two lines. This makes for easier reading.

But thats not you after reading this post. Youll know how to write bullet points that captivate your reader to keep on reading. The basics of writing bullet points. The hallmark of a great bullet point is brevity plus a promise. Brevity means short bullets that can be read at a glance and keeps your reader moving through your article. A long bullet would defeat that purpose.

So how short is short? Obvious maybe, but it needs to be long enough to be readable and contain the promise. Ideally, its one sentence containing less than 10 words. The promise in your bullet is the tease or hook. Youre making a promise to your reader that your product or service can benefit them. You must deliver, but not immediately you tease your reader. Heres an example: say youre writing an article helping people deal with credit rating problems. You tell them you have a proven 10 step program over a four-week period that will substantially improve their credit rating, but you dont tell them what those 10 steps are. Tease them, but dont tell them the how.

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Now its time for bullet points to do their magic which is to keep dillard people reading your article or post. The three primary functions of bullet points are: Theyre short which makes them lab easy to read. They break-up the text by highlighting specific aspects of your copy. They slow scanners down to get them to read your article. But bullet points can be so damn boring. Just think of those powerPoint presentations youve had the privilege of viewing. People tune out if its not compelling. The sad truth is most people dont know how to write bullet points.

writing bullet points

This will also take practice but its worth. Listen for little known nuggets about your guest/co-host or your podcaster. Also ask yourself some journalist questions like who, what, why, when and where because those will help you hear those interesting nuggets. Id love to hear from you in the comments - do you have a favorite bullet or headline youve come across that made you laugh, intrigued you or just caught your attention in some way? People like reading bullet points. Thats why theyre so common. Your reader is more likely to scan or read bullet points than a paragraph. Your article has achieved a lot so far. The headline has grabbed your readers attention, the opening first sentence has kept it, and the subheadings have pulled your reader up to take notice.

bullets you craft for your own shows! Tip 2: my second suggestion is to find a few tabloid magazines at the supermarket and buy them. Use their headlines as examples of bullets. Notice how you cant help but read them and then read more?! Thats because those are some stellar bullet points. We dont need to discuss the content, but I think you get what Im saying. Tip 3: And finally, listen for interesting tidbits.

Tip 1: The first way is to find other bullet points you like and eksempel that have drawn you in, then handwrite those. And I mean handwrite. Go find some paper (its that white thing that feels smooth and is blank) and a pen. Dont get out your evernote and type these in them, it wont work. And Im not making this. There is science behind this: the human brain remembers and processes things differently if you actually write something versus type. If you want to use my bullet points, feel free to.

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It is a finely-crafted and honed skill good copywriters and show notes writers possess. Its something I cultivated while in the copywriting biz. And its an absolutely powerful tool for your show notes. Why is it so powerful? One being the human eye. Its drawn to images and its drawn to short, concise sentences that stand alone. So two of the most important pieces of your show notes are going to be images and short, concise sentences that stand alone (aka bullet points). We for dont cover images today (and maybe in a future blog post but we are talking bullet points. So how do you write great bullet points that draw your reader in?

writing bullet points
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a master at writing exceptional bullet points is one of the most important copywriting skills around, second only to headline writing. Learn the abc of bullet points in web content writing. Relevance of bullet points in better web copy writing.

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