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In 1911, ramanujan approached the founder of the Indian Mathematical Society for advice on a job. After this he was appointed to his first job, a temporary post in the Accountant General's Office in Madras. He asked Ramachandra rao, the founder member of the Indian Mathematical Society who had helped start the mathematics library, about a job in mathematics. Ramachandra rao told him to return to madras and he tried, unsuccessfully, to arrange a scholarship for Ramanujan. In 1912 Ramanujan applied for the post of clerk in the accounts section of the madras Port Trust. Ramanujan was appointed to the post of clerk and began his duties on Ramanujan was quite lucky to have a number of people working round him with training in mathematics. In fact the Chief Accountant for the madras Port Trust, iyar, was trained as a mathematician and published a paper On the distribution of primes in 1913 on Ramanujan's work.

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This meant that he could not enter the University of Madras. In the following years he worked on mathematics developing his own ideas without any help and without any real idea of the then current research topics other than that provided by carr's book. Continuing barneys his mathematical work ramanujan studied continued fractions and divergent series in 1908. At this stage he became seriously ill and underwent an operation in April 1909 after which he took him some considerable time to recover. He married on when his mother arranged for him to marry a ten year old girl Janaki ammal. Ramanujan did not live with his wife until she was twelve years old. Ramanujan continued to develop his mathematical ideas and began to pose problems and solve problems in the journal of the Indian Mathematical Society. He developed relations between elliptic modular equations in 1910. After publication of a brilliant research paper on Bernoulli numbers in 1911 in the journal of the Indian Mathematical Society he gained recognition for his work. Even though he lacked a university education, he was becoming well known in the madras area as a mathematical genius.

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Narayan adopts this 'theoretical base of the Indian philosophical tradition to retrieve and reconstitute a sense of Indianness. Perhaps, this is why he has proved to be "the most lasting, highly rated and widely accessible, while his writing is the most consciously rooted in local circumstances, traditions and values" as claimed by dennis Walde(694).   tags: Indian Sensibility, yoga Philosophy. Research Papers 2523 words (7.2 pages) - this paper aims to evaluate fictional publication of Mulk raj Anand and Richard Wright from the perspective of social justice and liberation. Anand is marked by a heartiest desire to probe Indias marginalized people, while Wright related with logic and artistic temperament for Blacks as social and Psychological humanity. Both novelist believes in human equality and mutual respect, Their humanism manifests itself in a realistic sketch of the situation by oppressed masses, suffering various types of disability, discrimination and alienation.   tags: Social Justice, literary techniques Free essays 2587 words (7.4 pages) - this paper aims to evaluate fictional publication of Mulk raj Anand and Richard Wright from the perspective of social justice and liberation.   tags: humanism, indian writers, third world reality research Papers 1639 words (4.7 pages) - philosophers of Eastern Religions Does anybody have any answers to the question of what is our purpose. Is there life after death.

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He belonged to mumbai's small 'bene Israel' jewish community. In 1947, ezekiel did his Masters in literature from Wilson College, university of Mumbai.   tags: essays research papers. Research Papers 2085 words (6 pages) - choose one production that you have seen and which you particularly enjoyed and discuss the aspects which made it so successful. A disappearing Number I went to see a disappearing Number, in the Theater. The production was performed by complicite and was directed by simon McBurney.

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The family is the most important unit of social organization. The family unit primarily a man and a woman living together in harmony and peace is and always will be an essential social organization or unit of any society. tags: poem, poetry Analysis. Research Papers 2148 words (6.1 pages) - nissim ezekiel (December January 9, 2004 ) was a poet, playwright life and art critic. He was considered the foremost Indian writer in English English-language of his time. Contents 1 Early life 2 Career 3 books by nissim ezekiel 4 Some of his well-known poems early life ezekiel was born in Bombay (now Mumbai mumbai). Ezekiels healthy father was a botany professor and his mother, principal of her own school.

small essay on srinivasa ramanujan

He took the first Arts examination after having left the course. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. How to cite this Page, mla citation: "Srinivasa ramanujan.". Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. a society is created by the blocks of family units. Stronger the blocks, stronger the building of the society. Families are the strongest blocks on which the society rests. Without family there would be not no society and to maintain a good society, a woman plays a pivotal role, whether she is a sister, wife or mother.

his scholarship was not renewed because ramanujan devoted more and more of his time to mathematics and neglected his other subjects. Without money he was soon in difficulties and, without telling his parents, he ran away to the town of vizagapatnam. He continued his mathematical work, and at this time he worked on hyper geometric series and investigated relations between integrals and series. He learned later that he had been studying elliptic functions. In 1906 Ramanujan went to madras where he entered Pachaiyappa's College. His wanted to pass the first Arts examination that would allow him to be admitted to the University of Madras. He attended lectures at Pachaiyappa's College but became ill after three months study.

In 1900 he began to work on his own on mathematics summing geometric and arithmetic series. Ramanujan was shown how to solve cubic equations in 1902 and he went on to find his own method to solve the quartic. It was in the town High School that Ramanujan came across a mathematics book. Carr called Synopsis of Elementary results in Pure mathematics. Ramanujan used this to teach himself mathematics. The book contained theorems, formulas and short proofs. It also contained an index to papers on pure mathematics. By 1904 Ramanujan had begun to undertake deep research. He investigated the series (1/n) and calculated Euler's constant to 15 decimal places.

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Length: 1615 words (4.6 double-spaced pages rating: Excellent, essay preview. More, srinivasa ramanujan was one of India's greatest mathematical geniuses. He made contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and worked on elliptic functions, continued fractions, and infinite series. Ramanujan was born in his grandmother's spondylolisthesis house in Erode on December 22, 1887. When Ramanujan was a year old his mother took him to the town of Kumbakonam, near Madras. His father worked in Kumbakonam as a clerk in a cloth merchant's shop. When he was five years old, ramanujan went to the primary school in Kumbakonam although he would attend several different primary schools before entering the town High School in Kumbakonam in January 1898. At the town High School, ramanujan did well in all his school subjects and showed himself as a talented student.

small essay on srinivasa ramanujan
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December 22, 1887 Erode, tamil Nadu, india. Ramanujan —essays and Surveys. Ramanujan 's growing influence.

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  1. Ramanujan : Essays and Surveys. Providence, rhode Island: American Mathematical. Free essay : Srinivasa ramanujan was one of India's greatest mathematical geniuses. This is due to the flock in the industry making price for standardized services commoditized hence the profit margin remain smaller.

  2. Srinivasa ramanujan ( ) was an Indian mathematician who lived during the British rule in India. "no he replied, "it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.". Selected publications by ramanujan. Berndt, Bruce., and Robert.

  3. Srinivasa ramanujan was one of India's greatest mathematical geniuses. He belonged to mumbai's small 'bene Israel' jewish community. In 1947, ezekiel did his Masters in literature from Wilson College, university of Mumbai. Tags: essays research papers.

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