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write about apj abdul kalam

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What emerges from the lips is only a centuries-old parroting, and such parroting is what generates religious fundamentalism of the worst kind. No rationalism, no nationalism, no humanism, can exist in such people. That is evident in the hindus who believe the cow to be holy, or who bolster casteism by justifying it with. As most readers probably know, India's Parliamentary system has a prime minister, who has most of the real power in government, and a president, who has authority mainly in forming new governments, as well as dissolving them in instances of crisis. The President is supposed to be neutral with regard to constituency, and is therefore not allowed to be a member of Parliament himself before being elected to office (he is elected by a special electoral college- not by popular vote). India's current pm is Manmohan Singh, about whom.

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Why don't you insist on Muslim thieves having their hands lopped off?" "That's because India already has secular criminal laws. How can we change that?" "India has them because muslims didn't and don't ask for the Shariah's criminal decrees. Why is that?" "I will be happy if total Shariah is implemented. But I don't know if that will be possible. Why do people take this small thing and make it into an issue?" "If you support nationalism, how do you say that different communities must have essay different laws?" dekhiye, it does not come between nationalism." "But it divides people. If you're for nationalism, shouldn't you be working to first erase the root causes for that division, removing the things that cause anger in one community against the other?" "All these problems are actually caused by the hindu fundamentalists. Muslims react, they think all their rights will be taken away.". And so on and so forth till I realised that the crux of syed Khan's argument - muslims Must Obey the Shariah Because The Shariah Is Holy - stood like an iron curtain between his ears and his brain. No logic, no rationale can penetrate such a curtain - and it's no use trying. There can be no reasonable answer because there is no thought, no reflection over a question.

Is this what's going to propagated in Maharashtra's towns and villages - shun jihad or face ethnic cleansing by the "Hindu nationalist" government? No, no, something was very wrong here. My eyes finally narrowed. It was time to ask the million dollar question - the only one which instantly makes for doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani. I firmly interrupted: "Mr Khan, what is your position on the Uniform civil Code?" "What is the need for the uniform code? Why should anybody insist that Muslims must obey it? Aren't we doing fine with the codes we already have?" "do you the realise that a major grievance of Hindus is that Muslims have separate civil laws and this is considered to be a privilege and an appeasement of the minority?" "we are muslims, we have. The constitution guarantees us our religious rights." "The constitution also says that the ucc must be implemented. What about that?" "Yes, yes, but the Shariah is holy to us and so we must follow." "Then, why don't you insist on following the criminal laws of the Shariah?

write about apj abdul kalam

Essay on abdul kalam

Vande mataram and respect the very hindu concept of Bharat Mata to "prove" their Indian-ness. When Mr Khan - without my asking, of course - declared that, as a muslim, he refuses to pray to a nation-goddess, i thought: that's fine, doesn't bother me; I respect your commitment to your religious tenets, as long as you don't abuse my feelings. I don't know how Mr Khan would have reacted to that. For, before i could say it aloud, he had already launched into punjab: In reference to the recent Islamic terrorism in Mumbai, he said, "I feel the government knows everything but they are waiting for the correct time to move and finish it off. Like they had done in Punjab; all the young people of Punjab were gone. The plan is to clear the youths to end the terrorism.". That's when my alarm bells started resume ringing. Kps gill "clearing off" sikh youth?

Now I think, each ideological section of the media had its own sweet reason for sweeping the thing under the carpet: Embarrassment, contempt, insider knowledge, boredom, fright, whatever. The thing about syed Khan is that once he begins speaking, it's difficult to get a word in edgeways. Even before i could ask him anything - and I mean 'anything' - at all, i learnt that educated but unemployed Muslim youngsters had attended the 2 jihad camps in Mumbai; the divide between Hindus and Muslims is too wide; ' jihad' is a highly. Frankly, though I do not subscribe to some of these views, i have no quarrel with others holding them. I mean, my eyes do not instantly squint with suspicion if someone says that pota is against human rights, or that the communal divide is created by the us, or that unemployment produces jihadis (working doctors and professors trained in Mumbai's terror camps). These aren't necessarily pointers to leftism; one can think such asinine things and still be an asset to India (although a very dim one, hehehehe). What will come as a shock to you, i reject the view that Muslims need to recite.

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write about apj abdul kalam

Wings of Fire: An Autobiography

This work is licensed under a cc by-nc.0 License. Read more Click here to go to the current weekly digest or pick another article: reviews. Mysore, india, no notes. T oo much enthusiasm is not a good thing. So fired up was I by the news item on the muslim youths of India that I didn't heed the not-so-subtle hints from my pal at m when I was pestering him for the organisation's whereabouts.

I server feel all the more stupid since said pal happens to be a rational Muslim and anything less than a passionate advocacy from him should itself have alerted me that something wasn't. So, next thing, i landed up talking to syed Khan, the convener of my india, with the intention of fixing an appointment for an interview. We never reached that stage: the preliminary q a over the phone quickly turned into an argument - one which i knew there was no point in continuing. According to Mr Khan, The, telegraph had picked up the story at a seminar on 'muslims against Terrorism in which he spoke on the genesis of terrorism. The seminar was attended by the press; which is not the same as saying it was covered by the press: leave alone the 'national' broadsheets, i couldn't find anything on it even in the city papers.

Semashko and other esteemed contributors have together created a podium of harmonic society. Their proposed practical teachings in an integrated form could create an invaluable guideline to develop harmonic mind, harmonic behavior, and harmonic thinking for all. . Personally, i have enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover and have learnt a good deal about harmony. In no time, i believe, it would become a principal reference book for the interested person in all universities and institutions in every region of the world. I will not be surprised if the book is held as scientific sensation in traditional sociology and anthropology.

The abc of Harmony needs to be adopted by all governments and world institutions so that its prescriptions may be conveniently heeded. There is need of harmony at home, work and community; it is required in the region, in the nation and on the earth. The fusion of social democracy in the countryside and market economy in the urban centers may soon be a role model for universal harmony, no less so for socially, culturally, economically, and politically sensitive and conflict-prone countries like nepal. The reviewer highly appreciates the editing of copy editor. _ *Bishnu pathak, phD: -board Member: transcend peace University -convener: transcend international (South Asia) -gha consul General for Disarmament -gha coordinator: World peace movement-peace and Disarmament from Harmony -founder and Director: peace and Conflict Studies Center (pcs center). Box 11374, sukedhara, kathmandu, nepal. Tel.:, mobile:, email: /. Url: this article originally appeared on Transcend Media service (TMS) on Anticopyright : Editorials and articles originated on tms may be freely reprinted, disseminated, translated and used as background material, provided an acknowledgement and link to the source, tms: The abc of Harmony, is included. If you enjoyed this article, please consider a donation to tms and click here.

Apj, abdul, kalam

Harmony is inseparable from disharmony. It advocates for a confluence of civilized beings biography and propagation for a benevolent world. The fruits of enlightened harmony obtained by the authors have been kept at high pedestal of intellect. However, it is an ambitious project to be contemplated and transmitted worldwide as commoners knowledge influenced by 3Ps of power, politics and property. But, the output lacks clear thinking on religious harmony, socio-cultural harmony, political harmony, science and technology harmony, philosophy of harmony, economic harmony, system harmony, peace harmony, art harmony, and security harmony, etc. Seeds of peace are sown in the soil of universal harmony, which sprouts up when like-minded individuals and/or institutions work together on a common platform with similar 4Ps of purpose, program, policy, and priority. The, abc of Harmony will eventually be nurturing a gigantic tree, the peoples, if the governments and the un jointly establish appropriate schools worldwide. It is a primary criterion for creating harmonious consciousness imparting education for world peace. A harmoniously civilized world sprouts the fruits of peace with a concept of tolerance for peace and harmony and at the same time intolerance toward conflict, tension and war.

write about apj abdul kalam

The panoramic outline of harmonious culture and civilization includes cell, language, thinking, worldview, nitty-gritty, and so forth. They all somehow conclude that harmonious character must be there for creation of the abc of harmony, which corresponds with the spirit of harmony. The thoughts incorporated in toy Harmony as Dignity and Protection from Humiliation. Evelin Lindner, Transformative harmony. Ananta kumar Giri, dynamics of Unity of Nations. Apj abdul Kalam, lord Buddha: Master of Inner peace from Harmony. Charles Buddha, leo tolstoy: School of Harmony by svetlana kuskovskaya, mahatma gandhi: Harmony of Non-violent civil Disobedience. Surendra pathak, dalai lama: need of Religious Harmony. Are a few noteworthy examples of unity in diversity and inter-connectedness of the worlds authors and their varied opinions on contemporary issues.

The gorgeousness of the book is its diversity while selecting authors in terms of their gender, profession, education, social standing, understanding, belief, attitude, and location,. Whether from developed, developing and non-developing poor countries. Successfully coordinating so many diverse contributions is testimony. Semashkos extraordinary acumen for innovating ways to experiment and create harmony in the world. Harmony is inbuilt in human nature; rather conflicts are created by us is an inspirational message for peace through harmony from Chancellor. An individuals harmony is only a part of universal and social harmonies that guide the world toward perfection. The contributors have focused on the fundamental elements of social harmony by presenting resources, processes, structures, classes, and human character. They have pointed out three inseparable qualities of harmonious relationship necessity, sufficiency and coherence through the four piot resources, viz. People, information, organizations, and things.

Semashko states without overemphasizing: peace comes through harmony and harmony is derived from the beauty of human character. Harmony has its own magnificence with profound sense and true reality. Thus, the book statement attempts to achieve great paradigm shift in human thought from utopian attitude on love, kindness, happiness, compassion, and enthusiasm to modern interactions respecting freedom, freedom seekers and freethinkers. The authors tend to impress that it is the first encyclopedia of its kind on philosophy and holistic scientific knowledge of fundamental elements of social harmony that took more than 35 years to develop in the present form. Along with 75 gha coauthors from 26 countries, the editor rightfully claims that it is a book of enlightened social harmony for the entire humanity in the 21st century. The book has five chapters ranging from philosophy and reflection to applications and prerequisites, ground reality and stars, poetry and the authors explanation on the nitty-gritty of harmony. Furthermore, it also tries to dwell upon its possible role in terms of history, religion, anthropology, sociology, psychology, politico-economy, arts, ecology, and so forth.

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Bishnu pathak* - transcend media service. The abc of Harmony, edited. Leo semashko has been published by Global Harmony Association (GHA) together with Gandhi vidya mandir (GVM) and Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (iase deemed university. This is the first exclusive book to deal scientifically on harmony, harmonious civilization, harmonic education, and cross-cultural dialogues across the world at local, regional, national, and international levels. Apj abdul Kalam, an eminent scientist and the former president of India, has poetically renewed the confucian wisdom: If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. So had preached gautam Buddha, the Enlightened One: If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation; if there is order in the nation, proposal there will be peace in the world. Many contributors of the book have beautifully presented the core values, thoughts, fundamental societal structures, and features of global harmony. While illustrating its significance in our lives,.

write about apj abdul kalam
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  1. Personally, i have enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover and have learnt a good deal about harmony. But its President is a man named avul pakir jainulabdeen (. Apj abdul, kalam, a tamilian Muslim who was, for most of his adult life, an aeronautical engineer for the Indian missile program.

  2. Apj, abdul, kalam passes away. I also love listening to music and reading books and i even write sometimes about whatever comes to my mind. Dear Varsha, whenever you write about terrorism religion, there are enough people and more who write back. Apj, abdul, kalam, lord Buddha: Master of Inner peace from Harmony.

  3. Prime minister Narendra modi condoles the death. About us terms of Use privacy policy plugins 2016 Times Internet Limited. A tribute to missile man and former president of India. Abdul, kalam clips, video gallery news, find detail video about.

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