The qualities of good writing

9, qualities of, good, writing

the qualities of good writing

Qualities, of, a, good, writer

If you are made a sales manager or vice president of marketing, you have the power to hire and fire people, to raise their pay or leave it where. You have the power to hand out privileges or punishment and to alter the terms and conditions of employment to make them more agreeable or less agreeable. But whoever has your title has those powers. They are conferred upon you by the title itself. They go with the position. Expert Power, the second type of power is Expert power.

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You are always free to choose and have the ability to choose, to take command, to assume a leadership role in your life through several different leadership styles. In fact, all of your life is the result of the choices and decisions you have made up until this moment. Leaders are those who make better choices and decisions than others, more often than not and chose to lead by example. 3 Different leadership Styles. The good news about leaders is that they are made, not born. Leaders are largely self-made as the result of continuously working on themselves over the years. No one starts off as a leader, but you can aspire to leadership by learning the qualities of a good leader. You must also learn to embrace how they think and feel. Position Power, there are three major forms of leadership styles in our resume society today. The first is Position power. Position power refers to the powers weaknesses of rewarding and punishing that go with a particular title or role.

Think carefully about your subjects and choose the right one. For you to break through the success barriers and make a difference in your own life, you must aspire to a leadership role. You must develop the ability to persuade and influence others to work with you to achieve your goals and objectives. More over, you must learn to lead by example. Qualities of a good leader, becoming a leader, however, requires that you understand the roles and responsibilities of leadership It also requires you to practice the qualities of the best leaders and follow their examples, until you begin to emerge as a one yourself. Free financial report: The way to wealth, in your life, you make critical decisions on a regular basis that determine the course of events for you. Many of the decisions you make have enormous potential consequences. The choice of a course of study in school can determine the direction of your life for many years. The choice of a job or a mate in marriage can be a critical event that determines much of what happens to you in life for several years.


the qualities of good writing

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Example without anthropomorphism: Municipal policy-makers felt the words crime rates were too high. Here is a subtle example of anthropomorphism and its correction: Example with subtle anthropomorphism: The research study attempted to identify causes of heart disease. Example without anthropomorphism: In this study, the researchers attempted to identify causes of heart disease. Notice in these examples that short a study is a concept and has neither desires nor goals. It cannot attempt something. However, researchers can, and they make the attempt by conducting their study. The main point, for clear and accurate writing that engages your reader and communicates your message, choose subjects that can perform the action in the sentence.

To be more accurate, the first example can be written Municipal policy-makers acted to reduce crime rates or Local officials passed new regulations to reduce crime rates. The second example is a bigger problem. Although you could make the case that a company acts, you cant claim that it feels, implying emotions. Feeling is truly a human quality, hence anthropomorphism. To correct this example, we ask who is doing the main action, using the answer as the subject. Here, the municipal policy-makers, or officials, are feeling. Thus, we can correct the sentence as seen in the next example.

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the qualities of good writing

Qualities of good writing

More importantly, the reader will be able to visualize the subject performing the action, increasing both understanding and remembrance. Avoiding Anthropomorphism, anthropomorphism means giving human qualities to non-human or conceptual subjects. Anthropomorphism is inaccurate writing that reflects sloppy thinking. As noted immediately above, choose subjects that have the ability to perform the action. Anthropomorphism can be weak or strong, as seen in the following two examples.

Example of weak anthropomorphism: The municipal government acted to reduce crime rates. Example of strong anthropomorphism: The municipal government felt crime rates were too high. These two examples both reflect sloppy thinking, but some readers may accept the example with weak anthropomorphism. The problem is that government is a concept, not a creature or thing. On evaluation the other hand, when policies or laws are created, the government, as a whole, can be described as acting, even though the people who compose the government are the true actors.

Creatures (e.g., people and animals) are the natural choice for subjects because they can do something. Example: The committee members convened at 10:00. Things (e.g., inanimate objects and places) can do something, but in many cases they are acted upon. Example: The projector began smoking. Ideas (e.g., abstractions, concepts, and processes) cannot act other than by influencing actions by creatures. They exist and can be acted upon, but not being physical, they cannot act themselves.

Example: Disagreement with committee decisions is not welcome. With every sentence, the readers want to know, Who did what to whom? This question implies that the subject is able to do something. For this reason, creatures make better subjects than things, and things make better subjects than ideas. With a subject that can perform an action, and with that action described by the sentence, the sentence will be more interesting and will communicate more clearly. This gives you the opportunity to keep sharing your information.

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The job of a manager encompasses of a number of factors, but he needs to makes sure that slogan he stands true on every demand and the requirement of the company and makes his company reach the top most position in their respected field. Gurleen kour writes on behalf of m, a leading job portal for jobs in India. She writes on topics like bpo jobs in India. Hr Admin Jobs and increasing work concentration. M is a recruitment platform provides products and services like resume writing services, salary tool. Choosing the right Type of Subject. When deciding what the subject of your sentence will be, you have three types of nouns from which to choose: creatures, things, and ideas.

the qualities of good writing

Being patient and flexible. The bosses and the managers are there to motivate their employees and take out the work from them. A manager in his lifetime gets to meet a lot of employees, who are different in their attitude and their work style, therefore, the manager, needs to be highly patient and flexible. The job is the same, but it depends how efficiently the person handles the job and gives the perfect shape to the companys growth. The job of a manager is manifold, he is required to handle the working of the company, and also he needs to keep his employees satisfied. A well motivated and satisfied workforce is able to give the best output and lead to the development lead of the organization. The manager is responsible for getting a good team work done from his employees. He is the one who drives the team mates to work at their best and work with each other to earn profits for the company.

to preach his team mates all the aspects, which would help them in accomplishing their goals. He should not command over his team mates but should teach them in a respectful way, the manager should know that it is his job to train his team mates in accordance to the requirements of the company. Must be a good listener, commanding over team mates and preaching them the techniques to success is not the only thing that comprises of the job of a good manager, he also needs to listen to his companions and work according to their demands. Listening to the new talents leads to the implementation of new and innovative ideas in the work, leading to better results. Motivating the employees, it is a very important quality and job of the manager that he should keep his employees motivated for the work. The employees should feel as an integral part of the team and their contributions should be respected and each employee should be given equal importance. Motivated employees, embraces a positive environment in the company and enforces a positive energy to work in the rest of the employees also.

In many companies, inefficient managers are like sick managers, who act as termite for the company and do not contribute in any of the developments of the company. There are mangers for different divisions and sectors of the company, which helps the company to grow proportionately and contributions are made from each department. A bad manager is like a sick body part, which directly affects on the productivity level of the person, and so does an inefficient manager. A company is said to be growing in the right report direction, if its mangers are doing their Job perfectly and they stand true on the demands and requirements of the company. To become a successful manager, a person needs to be very fair and efficient and do his job perfectly. There are few traits, which the manager needs to adopt to be accepted as a good manager and become an asset for the company. The traits are as follows: A good vision and accurate planning: The manager should have the capability to formulate a vision for the benefit of the company and lead his team mates in a prosperous direction. The execution of the plans is also very important.

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Enter your name/nickname: Enter your email: There are 10 questions in the quiz. Question 1 : When writing a reference for someone, you should. Highly critical, detailing all the persons flaws. Generally positive, detailing all the persons good qualities. Generally critical, but with a sentence about their good qualities at the end. Totally positive, to the point essay of lying. Managers are the source, which drives the different working forces of the company and makes them work for the benefit of the company.

the qualities of good writing
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Qualities of good Manager. M is a recruitment platform provides products and services like resume writing services, salary tool.

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  2. Anthropomorphism means giving human qualities to non-human or conceptual subjects. Example of strong anthropomorphism: The municipal government felt crime rates were too high. There are 10 questions in the quiz. Try measuring your editor (or teacher or colleague) against Lillian Ross s list of helpful qualities.

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