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Wherever reasonably practicable, the preferred method of ensuring safety in excavations will be by battering or benching. Drag boxes or other proprietary support systems will be utilised where the methods considered in Para.2 are deemed unsuitable or insufficient. A supply of other shoring materials will be available for instances where neither of the above methods for preventing collapse are suitable. Ladders will be secured in convenient locations within all excavations where there is no other safe means of access/egress. The company will supply sufficient physical barriers for erection around excavations greater than 2 metres in depth. Excavations less than 2 metres in depth will be surrounded by bunting or other suitable material. The company will be responsible for the erection and maintenance of these barriers.

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Mark service locations at ground level. Use hand-digging measures to expose live services. Separate risk assessments/method statements will be prepared for operations of thief t his nature which are considered by the groundworks supervisor to contain special risks. Should it become necessary to work near or under overhead lines, the following procedure will be adopted. The company will not use any plant with which it is possible to approach within 6 metres of any overhead cables mounted on steel pylons unless :a. A smaller clearance is permitted by the cable owners, confirmation of which must be obtained in writing. The plant is fitted with physical height restrictors. Any work directly under or adjacent to other electricity cables may be carried out whilst the lines are live, by using a 3-ton mini-digger with a maximum boom height that cannot approach to within.5 metres of the cables. All work near overhead electric cables will be carried out after due consideration of the hse guidance note gs6, a copy of which will be held by the groundworks supervisor. Excavation Works All excavation work will be carried out according to the safe systems of work laid down in the company safety policy.

All road sign, barriers and cones will be regularly checked throughout the working day and any repairs carried degenerative out without delay. A final check will be carried out at the end of each shift and the results of that inspection recorded. Overhead and Buried Services An assessment will be made on each site to establish if there are overhead or buried services that may create a hazard to operatives. Should buried services be present, the following system of work, detailed within the company safety manual, will be followed :i). Obtain information from principal contractor. Consult available drawings and Utility services to obtain information as to the approximate location of services and the feasibility of disconnecting them. Use cable detection tools to obtain accurate information.

method statement

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A supply of eye, hearing and respiratory protection and protective clothing will be made available for use where required and according to on site conditions. The wearing of ppe will be strictly monitored by the groundworks supervisor as part of his supervisory duties. 10.1.2, road Works Detailed procedures for working on public highways are contained in the company safety manual and will be adhered to at all times. Signage for all but the most basic layouts will be attended to by specialist contractors who will be required to provide their own risk assessment, method statement and drawings prior to commencement on site. The groundworks supervisor will ensure that he is in possession of the latest edition of "Safety at Street Works and road Works". He will follow the guidance contained therein at all times.

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method statement

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A deputy will mrna be appointed if it is necessary for the nominated person to leave site during working hours. A first aid kit will be kept in the site van. Company employees will be instructed to report to the appointed person if they suffer any accident or injury whilst at work. The appointed person will in turn notify the principal contractor. All reportable accidents and summary dangerous occurrences will be notified to head office and swsc ltd. Personal Protective equipment all our sites are designated as hard hat sites.

Operatives will therefore wear safety headgear at all times except when in welfare accommodation. Suitable safety footwear fitted with steel toe-protectors will be worn by all company personnel. Casual shoes and trainers will not be permitted. All personnel are required to wear high visibility clothing at all times. This clothing must be suitable for the working environment and prevailing weather conditions.

Kerbs, slabs and other heavy roadside goods will be handled using mechanical means wherever reasonably practicable. In some instances, two-man lifting may be appropriate and this will be permitted only with the express permission of the groundworks supervisor. 7.1, training no person will be permitted to operate any plant, machinery or equipment unless competent and authorised to. Where formal training and certification is required, copies of relevant certificates will be provided to the principal contractor on request. All persons will be made aware of the contents of this Method Statement and instructed to work according to its requirements. All site personnel working under the control of Derwen Construction.

Will receive site induction training which will include reference to the following a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) The work to be carried out Emergency and first aid procedures Manual Handling Lifting operations General site safety Information on other site activities which may affect operations. Induction training schedule form. 7.5, the principal contractor may also wish to provide induction training to company personnel prior to them commencing on site. Emergency Procedures The evacuation/fire assembly point will be determined by the principal contractor and advised to the groundworks supervisor, who will ensure that this and all other health and safety information is passed to persons under his control. Minor first aid will be attended to on site. The groundworks supervisor will be nominated as the person responsible for Company first-aid and emergency procedures while on site.

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Sub-contractor companies will be selected after consideration of previous contracts, references and/or responses provided to report the derwen Construction. Once selected, contractors will be provided with a copy of our Safety code for Sub Contractors and instructed to adhere to the rules and conditions laid down. Manual Handling All manual handling analysis operations carried out by company employees will be assessed by the groundworks supervisor who will advise on the methods to be adopted. Safe manual handling techniques are provided in the derwen Construction. Full procedures for assessing manual handling tasks and ensuring safety during manual handling operations are contained within the company safety manual. These will be adhered to at all times by our employees, who are given free access to all health and safety information.

method statement

Copies of completed record sheets will be forwarded to the principal contractor on request. The groundworks supervisor will ensure that all work equipment is checked and certificated as appropriate. No work equipment will be used unless it is safe and suitable for its intended purpose. Security The principal contractor will be responsible for securing the site against unauthorised entry outside working hours. All equipment, tools and materials supplied by the company will be placed into safe storage whenever the site is to be left health unattended. Additional care will be taken by the company to ensure that loading, unloading and other hazardous operations do not take place in areas where other site contractors, members of the public and other non-construction personnel are present or may enter. Sub Contractors Where sub contractors are engaged by the company individually on a labour only basis, they will be treated by the company as employees for the purposes of health and safety management.

consultancy limited for comment a). 3.1, site management The company will be represented on site during working hours by an experienced foreman/supervisor. 3.2.3, the supervisor may obtain guidance from south Wales Safety consultancy limited, who advise derwen Construction. On health and safety. The company site supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that all works carried out by the company's employees are carried out according to this Method Statement, health safety legislation, the principal contractor's health and safety requirements and their own safe systems of work. This will be achieved with the assistance of induction training and toolbox talks. Toolbox talks will be given to operatives by company supervisors, using the information contained in the derwen Construction. Toolbox Talk manual and/or information provided by the principal contractor.

Risk Assessment _. 1.1.2, preamble The work to carried out by derwen Construction. Comprises civil engineering and groundworks, as detailed in the contract documentation. This method statement covers operations by the company which take place on sites controlled and managed by a principal contractor, as defined in the construction (Design management) Regulations 1994 (CDM). Where the company is engaged to act as Principal Contractor, a separate, project specific health and safety plan will be produced in accordance with cdm. The company will confirm to the principal contractor that all his operatives have previous experience of all aspects of work involved in projects of this type. Evidence of training may be made available for short inspection if required. Development of The health and Safety Plan Any relevant information contained within the health safety Plan developed by the principal contractor must be passed to the company for reference. Copies of all relevant health and safety documentation will be retained on site by the principal contractor for reference by the company as necessary.

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Download, report, description, general method statement civil Engineering and Groundworks by derwen Construction. This Method Statement describes the management arrangements professional and systems of work. Transcript, general method statement civil Engineering and Groundworks by derwen Construction. This Method Statement describes the management arrangements and systems of work to be adopted by derwen Construction. (the company) during civil engineering and groundwork operations. The document, with its appended risk assessment, will suffice for the majority of works undertaken by the company but will require alterations or additions for certain projects. Where additions and amendments are necessary, they will be listed at the bottom of this page and appended to the document. Preamble development of the health safety Plan Site management Security sub-Contractors Manual Handling Training Emergency Procedures Personal Protective equipment road Works overhead and Buried Services Excavation Works Other Work Activities Documentation Alteration and Modification of Method Statement Hygiene and Welfare facilities Risk Assessment Communication and.

method statement
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  5. General method statement civil Engineering and Groundworks by derwen Construction. This Method Statement describes the management arrangements and systems of work. Method Statement risk Assessment Templates. A method statement template is prepared for each different task differently whether same machinery is to be used for.

  6. General Method Statements Pre completed with the most common methods to reduce risks and Safe work methods. Welcome to our digital library of Method Statements leed sample exams. Mr, zico kai yip kwok president, hkius (2010-11) April, 2011 If any error or mistake is found in this method statement, please kindly contact. Here is a method Statement definition: Method Statement a form of a document wherein it states the procedure of an activity at the site including safety.

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