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American Crime's' taylor John Smith, vine Star Nash Grier join Thriller 'you get. a b Carly mallenbaum (may 24, 2017). "Netflix in June: What's new and expiring". Retrieved may 26, 2017. a b c Todd Spangler (may 1, 2017). "Awesomeness Unveils Netflix movie deal, series Renewals and News division". Retrieved may 1, 2017.

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12 Felix Vasquez. Of Cinema Crazed describes it as "an abysmal entry in to this ridiculous sub-genre" and that although the film aspires to be " Fatal Attraction "it barely registers as a "Swimfan" clone". 13 References edit "you get Me". Retrieved June 28, 2017. a b Todd Spangler (March 10, 2016). "Bella Thorne, halston Sage to Star in Awesomeness Films Thriller 'you get. Retrieved August 3, 2016. a b c Natalie jarvey (March 10, 2016). "Bella Thorne, halston Sage to Star in 'you get me' from Awesomeness Films". a b c d e f g Natalie jarvey (April 22, 2016).

Production edit, casting edit, bella Thorne and Halston Sage were cast as female leads Holly and Ali, respectively in March 2016. 2 3, taylor John Smith was cast as male lead Tyler in April 2016. Added to the cast at the same time were nash Grier, Anna akana, garcelle beauvais and Kathryn Morris. 4, filming edit, filming on you get me began in Los Angeles in April and wrapped in may 2016. 8 Filming also took place on the beach in Santa monica. 9 Release edit The film had its world premiere at the los Angeles Film Festival June 1422, 2017. 10 It was originally scheduled to be released on Netflix on June 16, 6 but it was released on June 23, 2017. 5 Reception edit Brian Costello of Common Sense media calls the film "a mess from beginning healthy to end". 11 Eddie strait of The daily dot says "this film is no fun and further criticizes the film not only for lacking in originality but also dullness.

get me reviews

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He lowers her down, wakes her up, grabs a fire poker and starts trying to escape the house as Holly goes to get her gun. Tyler and Ali make it outside and before they get away, holly stops them at gunpoint. Tyler tells Holly that he loves Ali and not her and he never will. Gil shows up behind them calling out Holly's name. Distracted, holly shoots Tyler in the shoulder then attempts to shoot Gil but misses. Ali picks up the fire poker and stabs Holly in the side, causing Holly to fall back into the pool. Gil and Ali huddle around Tyler while waiting for the police to arrive. Holly is wheeled into the back of an ambulance and asking the paramedic man to never leave her and makes him promise, implying she'll be obsessed with him. The analysis film ends with Tyler, Ali, and Lydia having fun at Tyler's little sister's birthday party.

When Ali doesn't respond to tyler's texts, he starts to suspect Holly. He leaves a message with Gil to meet him at Holly's house and starts driving over there. Ali awakens to discover she's tied up and bound to a chair in Holly's house and Holly lied about being pregnant. Corinne comes home and while trying to untie ali, holly sneaks up behind her and suffocates her with a plastic bag, killing her. When Tyler arrives, he sees Holly sitting in front of the fireplace, the first place he saw her the morning he woke up in her house previously. Holly tries recreating the weekend as Tyler runs around the house looking for Ali. He discovers Ali unconscious tied mid-air to the ceiling, forehead bleeding.

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get me reviews

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Tyler starts suspecting that Holly is dangerous, especially when meeting her stepmom, corinne, who reveals that she takes medication and Holly lied to him about where she's from. Holly gives Lydia the about wrong smoothie on purpose, causing an allergic reaction that puts her in the hospital after she heard Lydia telling Ali that she doesn't buy her story and is going to find out what's going. Tyler has a nightmare about Holly killing him and she doesn't show up to school for the next few days. Gil is hurt because holly hadn't been in contact with him for awhile, and doesn't know what he did wrong. When she comes back to school, holly tells Ali that she's pregnant but not in contact with the guy who did. Tyler asks Holly what she wants from him after she shows up at his house, to which she responds for them to be together.

While trying to sneak up on Tyler, he knocks her down, causing her lip to bleed. Holly tells Ali that she and Tyler slept together the night before he decides to tell her. Tyler and Ali meet at the beach, he tells her the truth and Ali says she never wants to talk to him again. Holly gets Tyler suspended, saying that he assaulted her. Tyler finds out that Holly's real first name is Elizabeth (Holly is a middle name). He looks her up online and discovers that she assaulted a student over a boy, and went to a mental institution for a while. That night, when Ali's parents leave, holly knocks her out.

Ali brings up "the shirtless guy" again and Holly tells Ali and Gil about him due to Ali's constant badgering. Holly tells them a very descriptive story, leading to her using Gil as an example. They begin making out, holly trying to make tyler jealous, and they continue to make out all the way to tyler's car. Ali interrupts asking if Holly was ready, and due to gil's reluctance, he seems to be infatuated with her. They both leave the car going inside Ali's house for some "girl talk." Tyler drives Gil home and stops him just when he was about to leave to talk to him about something.

Tyler tells him that he slept with Holly the night of Melinda's party. Gil asks him how the sex was and Tyler refuses to talk about saying that Holly's trying to mess with him because she has no other reason to hang out with Alison. Gil tells him not to worry about. Tyler tells him that he's gonna tell Ali, gil refuses, telling him that he just fixed things with her. Gil thanks him again for the car ride and leaves. Tyler gets home and tries to text Ali to let her invite him to her house but Holly ends up sleeping over so he couldn't. Holly shows up to tyler's house on Sunday telling him that Ali knows what happened between them. He's furious asking her why would she do that, but Holly never tells him. She was kidding, and Tyler tells her that she's insane.

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Holly reveals that she goes there now and wanted to surprise him. Tyler tries cutting ties with Holly multiple times but failing each time. Holly starts hanging out with Ali, gil, and Lydia. Lydia starts becoming suspicious of Holly when she sees no social media presence. Afterward, Ali texts Tyler that she and the girls are going to meet up at his workplace. When they get there, ali is going through Holly's ipad looking at her pictures until she stops when she sees a shirtless picture taken of Tyler. Ali inquires more about it, but Holly brushes it off, saying that its a really long story. The three of them leave to go find Gil at the beach. Holly begins taking pictures of the happy ions couple, complimenting them.

get me reviews

Halston Sage and they have two best friends: Gil (. Nash Grier ) and Lydia anna akana ). One night at a party, tyler discovers before Ali moved to their school, she was a heavy partier and would often drink and sleep around. Tyler gets angry and they break. Outside the party, he meets mysterious Holly (. They end up partying and sleeping together. They spend the rest of the weekend in Holly's huge house, with Holly telling Tyler her buy father died and her stepmom travels a lot. Tyler says that the weekend was special before leaving, seemingly forgetting all about Ali. Tyler gets back together with Ali the following day, and while at school, notices Holly.

a mission of mine to spread my message about this disgraceful behaviour to anyone and everyone using all means possible. getmeinnot daylightrobbery liars nonexistentcustomerservices thieves filthytouts uselessdotards Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. You get me is a 2017 American thriller film directed by Brent Bonacorso and written by ben Epstein. Bella Thorne, halston Sage, taylor John Smith, Anna akana and, nash Grier. 2 3 4, it was released on Netflix on June 23, 2017. 5, contents, tyler taylor John Smith ) is a 17-year-old high school student in love with his girlfriend Alison 'Ali' (.

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get me reviews
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  6. Reviews from customers as well as take a look at its online behavior on social media and customer review sites. Read 3333 customer reviews of the get me in - m compare with other Online ticket Agencies at review Centre. Parents need to know that you get me is a horror-thriller movie starring Bella Thorne as an emotionally disturbed stalker. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

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